Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rivka Holtzberg Six-Months Pregnant at Time of Attack

Rivka Holtzberg, the wife of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, was six-months pregnant at the time she was slain by terrorists last week in the Mumbai massacre:
Mumbai, Chabad, Holtzberg, pregnant, Rivka, Moshe ...

Her father broke the news during an emotional funeral service in Israel attended by thousands.

Rivka Holtzberg's pregnancy added to the intense sense of anguish felt across Israel at her death along with five other Jewish victims.

They died when the Chabad community house in Mumbai was targeted by armed gunmen.

It also emerged today that her husband, Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg, had been reading a book about how to deal with terrorists when he was killed.

The rabbi’s colleague found his body slumped on the floor of his living quarters. By the side of his bed he found copies of Jewish holy texts along with a book entitled “How to protect yourself when terrorists come to your house”.

Mourners wailed as eulogies were delivered over the bodies of Mrs Holtzberg, 28, and her 29-year-old husband in the small village of Kfar Chabad near Tel Aviv.

The two bodies, wrapped in blue and white prayer shawls, were laid out on benches set on a podium while members of the orthodox Chabad community prayed and listened to eulogies.
Keep in mind that the Holtzberg's knew their killers, having eaten a meal hosted by Rivka Holtzberg on an earlier reconnaissance mission to the Chabad house.

As more and more facts emerge on the enormity of this incomprehensible evil, there is simply no way that people of light can turn their backs on the gathering existential struggle that now confronts us.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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Donald Douglas said...

Thanks Grace Explosion!

Jack Steiner said...

I don't spend any time worrying about what Obama is going to do. All the handwringing is a waste of time.

The realities of being a sitting president are different than the campaign trail. I have confidence that he'll take care of things.

As for Mumbai, I feel terrible about it. My cousins spent a week at that Chabad house.

I am thankful that they are ok and very angry about what happened there.

dprout said...

My heart goes out to all that have been slain.

May God Bless Israel and all that love her.

And may God have mercy on our nation and never turn her back on Israel!

The King is coming very soon!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious Grace Explosion?

This is a horrible act of violence against innocent people. How could you blame Obama for this? Stick to the point at hand. Terrorist committed this act, not Obama. It is this type of hate that keeps us all back. You want someone to blame, but you are directing your anger at the wrong person. Obama does not, and never did condone terrorist acts.
May God Bless and watch over this child, and all of those who are affected. This is time to come together.

Anonymous said...

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