Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rule 5 Rescue: Heidi Klum Mother's Day Action!

Well, it's Mother's Day. I was visiting family yesterday and was unable to work on my usual entry for Full Metal Saturday. So, what better way to make amends than with some hot "Rule 5" action featuring the lovely three-time and expecting mom, Heidi Klum:

Breaking with tradition, I'd first like to thank those who've sent me abundant traffic this week, Blazing Cat Fur, Dan Collins and Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom, John Hawkins, Moe Lane, and Dan Riehl.

Let me also throw some links to a few regular commenters here as well,
M Conservative Operative, Jordan at Generation Patriot and Chris Wysocki! But see Philippe in Europe too, one of my very best commenters! Check out my friend Stogie as well.

Now, back to the regular babe-blogging program!

Check out Smitty's weekend treat, "
Rule 5 Sunday." Smitty leads off the roster with the post at Three Beers Later, "Frumley Brooks, Esq., Mainsteam Conservative Pundit, Inveigles Against Offend-a-Feminist Week." Further, click over to Bob's Bar & Grill's Milla Jovovich action! And TrogloPundit weighs in with some unusual Rule 5!

HotMES! is a woman for my own heart with her dynamite post on Rachel McAdams. What an inspiration! And Suzanna Logan's full of innuendo with some Mitt Romney Rule 5 goodness! And Carol at No Sheeples Here! is on the case as well! Plus, Skye's smoking with some Lady GaGa action!

Now, don't miss
Pat in Shreveport's Saturday roundup either, with Steve McQueen beefcake! Pundette's been tearing it up as well, but Michelle Obama's "burnished arms"! Threatening Democratic power, I'll tell you!

Shifting gears a lot here, The Rhetorican gives you
Brokeback Star Trek! Oh, the passion! Who knew! And no doubt RepsacRomulan3 wants in on the action! And JBW too! No wonder the American Nihilists love Obama so much!

Well, let's wrap it up here to some friends I just found on the net. Say hello to
The Pajama Underground and The Right Guy! No let's see some Rule 5 action fellas!

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Philippe Ohlund said...

Heidi Klum is indeed a beautiful lady! :-)

Donald Douglas said...

She is, Philippe!

Dave said...

That Heidi is a hottie, fer sure. :-)

Hope you all are doing something nice for your mothers today.

I fired up my big blue 22" Weber a little while ago and am smoking some nice fat pork ribs.

I also have 12 of the largest ears of white corn that I have ever seen, and about two gallons of home-made potato salad.

LOL-They don't call me the grillmaster for nothing.


Rusty Walker said...

Thanks again for the worthwhile diversion from politics to an American beauty that is proud of her ample cleavage!!!!

I called my 88 year old mother who doesn’t require a card on this day, because she said the original tradition she was familiar with was to just wear a white flower to church if your mother was alive and a red flower if she was deceased; She still takes commercial flights across our “spacious skies”…

(Side Bar- Best version of America, Ray Charles singing live, for the Sugar Ray Leonard v. Roberto Duran, soon to be – “No Mas fight,” November 1980; – watch Sugar Ray smile…he couldn’t lose after that! If you’re a patriot, try not to get a lump in your throat to this music.

…My Mum, flying our to her national Mensa Meetings and WWII brides conventions across “over the fruited plain!”

Gotta love this country.


Jordan said...

Thanks for the link!

And great choice for Mother's Day!

Bob said...

Thanks for the link.