Thursday, June 11, 2009

James von Brunn: Christian-Hating Socialist

Andy Ostrow, at the Huffington Post, capitalizing on the Holocaust Museum shooting, pretty much captures the emerging push on the left to silence conservative talk radio:

Perhaps law enforcement authorities should begin investigating the role conservative commentators like O'Reilly and Limbaugh play in the death of innocent people. Maybe then these despicable hate-mongering loudmouths will shut up once and for all.
Actually, we saw the virtually identical demonization of right-wing talk after the death of George Tiller. Here's Frank Schaeffer, also at Huffington Post:

The moron class of Americans who stocked up on guns and ammunition when President Obama was elected, because of fears that he would "take our guns away;" the willful fools to whom Glenn Beck is a hero, are the same population that -- right now - have their TV remotes set on Fox News 24/7. They are listening to Rush Limbaugh too as they rattle around in their pickup trucks driving to wherever they're practicing on targets but fantasizing about putting the president, or other people they hate, in their scope's cross hairs.
It happens every time: As soon as we have an attack by an alleded right-wing fanatic, the entire conservative movement is demonized as shock troops of the Third Reich.

It's insulting, actually. What's interesting, and as others have pointed out, is that James von Braun hated everyone. He mounted ugly anti-Semitic diatribes against the "evil" neocons, much like the left has done the last eight years. Naturally, that's kind of hard for our
nihilist antagonists to swallow, but it's true. Think about it while reading Ben Johnson's piece, "Holocaust Museum Shooter: Christian-Hating Socialist":

Never apt to let facts get in the way of slander, the Left immediately branded Von Brunn a conservative – and found a way to tie his actions to their favorite demons: President Bush and Fox News. Upon learning of the tragedy, Huffington Post blogger Michelle Kraus wrote simply, “Thank you very much Karl Rove and your minions.” Fellow HuffPo scribbler Joseph Palermo, – also, surprise, an Associate Professor of History at California State University-Sacramento – accused Fox News host Glenn Beck of “using the public airwaves to incite violence,” calling his program “a white reactionary tour de force – incendiary, stupid, and racist.” The usually more staid Alan Colmes smeared the mainstream conservative website, an attack quickly recycled by a reader, who added this sterling political analysis: “There isn't really a line drawn between the right wing ‘base’ and neo-Nazis any more. It's a single continuum, and freepers is right there in that gray area.”
Read the whole thing, the link and at Memeorandum. Johnson ays out Von Brunn's leftist ties as a Christian-hating socialist, than adds this:

The ideology of Von Brunn and his contemporaries does not comport in any way with conservatism. Yet the Left chose to exploit the death of a black man as a paraphrase of Rahm Emanuel’s dictum” they never let a tragedy go to waste. President Clinton blamed the Oklahoma City Bombing on Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich; leftists hinted George Bush caused Sen. Paul Wellstone’s plane crash; Cindy Sheehan become a momentary folk hero by championing a cause her slain son opposed; and some managed to muffle their glee over President Reagan’s affliction with Alzheimer’s Disease just long enough to call for public funding of embryonic stem cell research.

One can expect no more decency when a self-proclaimed socialist murders a minority in cold blood in a shrine to one of collectivism’s most shameful accomplishments.


Philippe Öhlund said...

Great post, Donald!

This is so sad.

If you hate Christians and Conservatives, this is what you do: kill innocent people in a Holocaust museum!

How tragic!

In Sweden a 15 year old girl has been killed by a 16 year old boy, who acted on behalf of another 15 year old girl, who was jealous of her.

How can we change people to not commit such atrocities?

88 and 15-year old murderers, what is happening to the world?

Jason said...

Good follow up. So funny how the left was practically silent when our very own home grown Muslim terrorist killed innocent young servicemen.

cracker said...

Also reading over at Huff this mornig that von Brunn was disaffected...

He's 88, his soc. Security got cut, was living pretty bare....he hated everybody.

Remember the story of the guy that killed the Unitarians in the church?also on the skids.

Of course the fella who shot Tiller.

Extremist views combined with economic hardship, at a later time in life, experienced by a demographic that is the epitome of what should be success in America, middle aged white guys who at some point lash out and reject the fact that theyre actually failures within the system.....

There's a term coined by Marx, or was it Engels?...."alienation", if I recall...

or am I way base here?

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Von Brunn was very unintelligent. He should have done more when he was younger. Hide all the reality of his associations with anti-semies, refuse to divulge any personal records, smile a lot and talk about "Hope and Change" - even pretend to be a Christian after attending a church for 20 years that spouted antisemitism and racial hate - then run for President.

He could have, eventually, gained power to pull the rug out from underneath Israel - and become a fascist/corporatist/socialist like Hitler.

Obama is so much smarter than Von Brunn.

Jordan said...

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Mark Harvey said...

The American Leftinistra always blame others for what they themselves do. How many right-wingers go to rallies, crap and pee on the American flag, break glass, set fires, vandalize personal and government property all in the name of tolerance of others?

Never is the answer.

That is reserved for the collective mind-set of the drones - zombies - of the chatter class of the American feeble minded liberal.

BigWheels said...

I dont think anyone actually called the guy a 'conservative' they called him a right-wing nutjob. I dont think you can blame Fox news and Rush Limbaugh for this maniac going and killing someone at the holocaust museum. But you can question the tactic of constantly saying that the President of the United States is not an american, is anti-america, is ruining the country, is a socialist, etc.. This CAN and will cause nutjobs to do damage.

Rob Crawford said...

"But you can question the tactic of constantly saying that the President of the United States is not an american, is anti-america, is ruining the country, is a socialist, etc.. This CAN and will cause nutjobs to do damage."

Counter-example: the last eight years. Much, much worse was said about Bush. What incidents do you lay at the feet of that rhetoric?

cracker said...

Counter-counter Mr. Crawford

The erosion of credibility for GW from his 2nd term on...and WMD revelations......even to conservative republicans this was the keystone of an invasion. and it evaporated, hooray for the team but...WHAT!!!??? mission accomplished to Abu....just the high points there..

I think we're all wise enough here to call it like we see it....the results speak for themselves.

The newest Pres. is still fresh, his missteps so far are laughable in comparison......just like GW, give him his first term to completlety fail in front of us, then we can call him a sack o shit on the second eh.

Not a fan of Obama, just a fan of truth.