Monday, June 1, 2009

Muslim Terrorist Kills U.S. Military Recruiter: Where's the Outrage?

Well, where's the outrage on the left today? In what looks like an ideologically-driven attack on U.S. military personnel, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, a convert to Islam who was "upset with the military," is alleged to have killed one and injured another at a U.S. Army Navy Career Center in Little Rock.

USA Today and KATV-TV for the story. Interestingly, the KATV story notes, "the gunman targeted the military but was not believed to be part of a broader scheme."

Well, don't bet Abdul Hakim wasn't part of a "broader scheme." The fact is that the antiwar left has been
targeting military recruiting stations for years. Unlike the unhinged leftists in response to the George Tiller murder, conservative bloggers were very measured in their response to the Little Rock shootings. As Say Anything noted this morning:

... we could jump to the conclusion that this man was motivated by a hatred for the military (or something along those lines) and then blame groups like Code Pink and Media Matters and for fanning anti-military, anti-Iraq war passions for years. We could, much as the left has with people like Bill O’Reilly in the George Tiller murder claim that those groups have blood on their hands.

But we won’t. Because that’s stupid. This murder, whatever the motivation (it’s not clear at this point), was committed by a murderous thug who acted of his own volition. Not because he was compelled to by liberal dissent.

Murder is murder. Let’s mourn the dead, condemn the guilty and move on.
But check Snooper Report as well:
Where's the outrage from the Leftinistra? Where are the condemnations that we on the Right expressed for the murder of Tiller the Baby Killer?

For years this kind of activity from the Leftinistra has been going on and absolutely no condemnation from them has ever been expressed that I know of. Why is that?

So far, I have only read mentions of this incident from the Right.
Well, conservatives were waiting for more information. This Ain't Hell even began with a disclaimer:

Notice how, unlike some bloggers on the Left jumped to conclusions over yesterday’s shooting, I’m not speculating on the motivations of this shooter or his relationship to any other group of recruiter-haters until the facts are in - I caution commenters here to do the same.
Michelle Malkin adds this:
I wonder if the Justice Department will send marshals to beef up protection at recruiting centers — especially given the past targeting of military centers on campuses and elsewhere across the country.
See also, "OUTRAGE!!! Left-Wing Terrorists Target Military Recruiters!!!."


Rusty Walker said...

The outrage is sublimated with increased internal spending. Obama and company can't be distracted when they have a credit card from global warming hell in their hands. Muslims are emboldened, why wouldn't they kill him, and whom ever else they please. Little outrage from us Republicans lying low, none from citizens holding onto jobs, no outrage... not yet? I would think, soon. The press and the Muslim friend in the West won't mention anything controversial right now. The United States is now as vulnerable to world war potential as we were after the Great Depression. We are also just as inactive in response to aggressive foreign nations as we were before the Second World War. Just as then, we have a war-weary democratic congress, but, now, the world recognizes us as having a dangerously unprepared president. If this is not an invitation to WWIII then I don’t know what is. The Obama Administration is preoccupied with bankrupting the U.S. with well-intentioned, yet narcissistic, infrastructure projects to recognize our not too distant peril. Just as in pre-WWII conditions, two theaters of war on opposite sides of the U.S. are hiding their efforts in plain view: North Korea and Iran are sizing us up for an all out war. No one, not the leftpress, nor the Leftident, seems to care.

Donald Douglas said...

"We are also just as inactive in response to aggressive foreign nations as we were before the Second World War."

You're right, Rusty, and sadly so ...

Tapline said...

Donald, Excellent Post....These individuals were military. Not civilians....They diserve what they get. This nation is going to hell in a handbasket and no one is stopping it. This whole situation is a terrorist act and should be investigated as such. But please.......Do not jump to conclusions. who takes jurisdiction of a case involving a terrorist who murdered two military men...Federal or city/state?????? looks like local to me, but I wonder?????If it's federal they have the money and resources whereas the lack of these resources could hamper local authorities...Just saying....stay well....

Dave said...

Lets not kid ourselves. The lefties here in America positively hate the American military, along with this country.

This hatred got its start in earnest during the Vietnam War, but has now reached rabid proportions.

These days, being the government-schooled and thus appropriately (for them) indoctrinated morons that share many of the same goals as our camel-washing enemies, they have no problem with a Muslim committing this heinous act.

Besides, the brain damaged libtards are much too busy mourning the death of the American Mengele, "Dr." Tiller, to be bothered with protesting an act of terror on the part of their Muslim friends, especially if that act of terror was carried out against the hated American military.

Liberalism is, after all, a mental disorder.

Does not their ceaseless support of our enemies not demonstrate that almost hourly?


Ben JB said...

Sorry Donald, the "left-wing hates the military" meme is boomer, Vietnam-era--it's outdated.

And just about all of Malkin's evidence that the left hates the military is non-violent protests, mixed with illegal vandalism--the same stuff that pro-choice people have been complaining about from pro-life forces, minus the arson and the killings.

Last I checked, there was some evidence that Roeder kept up to date on the right-wing pro-life movement, including possibly posting on their websites; if it turns out that this killer of American soldiers kept up with left-wing websites and posted there, then we can talk about equivalence.

Until then, stay classy.

Jordan said...

Great minds think alike... somewhat.

cracker said...

Two soldiers attacked by muslim extremist,......

The "news" is the fact that it happened on US soil.

Unfortunatley.... if any of (you fuchers) were truly outraged by the deaths of American soldiers in this day and time......we wouldnt have lost the 4000 fighters already.

This Vet (in the words of Sgt. Barnes) Shits on you...any of you fat ass arm chair John Wayne parasites and your sanctimonious bullshit, equating the death of American fighting men in the line of a 67 year old man, murdered at his church, on a day of worship, in front of his wife.

There's your outrage, asshole.

cracker said...

(rolling eyes)

I sincerely apologize for the asshole comment, it was directed at something completly different.

Dennis said...

Nice try Cracker at deception and dissembling. I could care less about your supposed military background. It has nothing to do with the issue at hand. I could talk about mine, which is probably far more extensive than yours, but as I say it does not matter in this context. What drivel out of a guy I expected better from.
If you cannot tell the difference here then you are a sadly mistaken individual.

cracker said...


"Deception and dissembling"?

By drawing a clear, viable and understandable distinction between the two murders and their respective circumstances?

By showing some "outrage" at a water-thin attempt to connect the two tragedies?

Although my language may have been colorful, it was in the spirit of "outrage".

Dennis, your posts are the standing definition of vague vitriolic rants.

I saw that on day one.....and I'm always impressed by your dedication to consistency.

pgwarner said...

Hey Donald - Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, aka Carlos Bledsoe, just said it was Glen Greenwald’s and Andy Sullivan’s endless talk about torture that drove him to do it! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

"The Army says as a policy it doesn't discuss security actions. But while its believed to be an isolated incident, the shooting has prompted a heightened alert at offices in some states. A spokesperson in Nashville however would not comment on whether the alert includes offices in Memphis and other parts of Tennessee."

Given that the Army isn't eager to discuss security at recruiting stations, it might not have welcomed an announcement by Eric Holder. I could be wrong but my guess is that the military can handle its own security, and increase security if it feels that's appropriate, without help from the Justice Department. If every abortion clinic in the country was owned by the federal government Obama probably wouldn't be sending US marshals to guard them--the point is to show that the government will protect private citizens at risk of violence.

Nobody would call Code Pink a model of restraint, but they don't regularly call military recruiters murderers or protest outside their homes and churches, as mainstream pro-life groups do to abortion providers. If they did, conservatives wouldn't wait for someone to be killed to come down on them like a ton of bricks.

If Muhammad was actually a member of the left rather than someone harboring a particularist religious grievance, you would probably hear Code Pink and MoveOn condemn his actions.