Friday, July 10, 2009

Pool Club Pres. Sorry for Jim Crow Policies; Meanwhile, Left Stays Mum on Duesler Bigotry, Hammers GOP's Audra Shay as 'Endorsing Racism'!

Democrat John Duesler, the President of North Philadelphia's Valley Swim Club, has apologized for his pool club's racist policies. According to the Philadelphia Enquirer:

The president of a suburban swim club at the center of a racial discrimination controversy said today safety factors - not racism - prompted the pool to rescind a contract with a Northeast Philadelphia day camp.

John Duesler also said he chose his words poorly in an earlier statement explaining why the the Valley Club was ending its arrangement with the predominantly black and Hispanic camp.

In that statement to NBC10, he said, "There is a lot of concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion ... the atmosphere of the club."

"This is a terrible misinterpretation of what I stand for. This is just wrong," Duesler said while standing with his wife Bernice at the pool's gate. "That was a terrible choice of words, I admit."

He said that what he meant to convey was the number of campers in the pool compared to the number of available lifeguards had created an unsafe environment.

Recall that John Duesler is a huge Obama backer. See, "Philly Pool Kids Booter Is Obama Fan." And Duesler's Obama blood-drive at, "O Positive Blood Drive." See also, Moe Lane, "Yes, the President of the Valley Swim Club is a John G Duesler, Jr."

No word yet from yesterday's outraged leftists (see,, Jack & Jill Politics, Gawker, Unreported, and Alas, a blog). No doubt, the netroots racial investigators went mum once they found out Duesler was a Democrat!

Meanwhile, these folks continue to excoriate Republicans as bigots. See The Daily Beast, "The GOP's Young Hatemonger: Audra Shay, Accused of Endorsing Racism on Facebook, Is Favored to Become the Head of the Young Republicans Tomorrow."

Now that's a classic case study in the double-standards of the Democratic-left!

See also, Nice Deb, "More On The PA Swim Club Racial Incident."

Video Hat Tip: CBS News, "Pool to Minority Kids: You Can't Swim Here." Also reporting, NBC Philadelphia, "Swim Club Members: 'Nothing to Do With Race'."


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