Saturday, July 11, 2009

Swim Club Pres. Denies Racism in Pool Controversy (VIDEO): PA Human Relations Comm. to Investigate; Leftists Still Silent (Mostly)!

Here's the video from CNN, "Swim Club President Denies Racism in Pool Controversy":

Also, here's today's Washington Post, "Alleged Prejudice Starts Probe at Club
Pa. Organization Revoked Swim Contract for Day Camp That Included Minorities

But check this out from earlier, at the radical Quaker Agitator, "What We’re (Still) Up Against":

There have been all kinds of claims since January that we now live in a “post-racial society,” that race “doesn’t matter any more,” now that we have a black president. A number of conservative columnists (whose opinions dominate the pages of The Inquirer these days) have been making that claim in their rush to condemn Sonia Sontamayor’s supposedly “racialist” views (whatever that non-word means).
Yeah, that's the meme, isn't it?

A black man in the White House ... but America's still irredeemably "racist." Except for one little problem: John Duesler, the swim club president, is a Democrat!

So far
Talking Points Memo is the only radical netroots outlet that's acknowledged the Democratic Party's racism; but of course, in doing so, TPM simply questions the legitimacy of the allegations, and asks for more "local info":

Do any TPMers live in Philly & know the players in the recent racism story?

Here's why I'm asking:

There's been a spirited discussion regarding MJ's post about a group of black kids in Philadelphia being kicked out of a private club because of the color of their skin.

John Duesler, President of Valley Swim Club, wrote in a letter to the group that a lot of kids might change the "complexion" and atmosphere of the club. (A questionable choice of words if there ever was one.) So this looks like a pretty clear racism story.

But here's the thing--if it's the same John Duesler, this guy is an Obama supporter and peace activist. He was on the team that set up a blood drive (Opositive) to celebrate Obama's inauguration, and here's a link to a peace seminar in which he participated.

Any locals who can provide info? Because this seems a little odd.

And what was "M.J.'s post"?

Here you go, "
Perhaps The Most Heartbreaking Video About America 2009 PLUS UPDATE ..."

Notice the high-fiving in the comments for the "Republican country-club bigotry." It's breathtaking ...

From Mad as Hell:

This video should remind those who belong to exclusive country clubs that this is in fact what you are endorsing by continuing to belong to these clubs. This video lays bare the paucity of any rationalization about why one needs to belong to such a club.

Translation: Country club members are automaticallly racist.

Here's this from David Seaton:

Well, it certainly puts paid to the bullshit that with an African-American in the White House we have entered into a "post-racial society". What pisses me off is that they all look like really nice, clean cut kids. How could anyone mistake them for gang bangers? ...
Geez, that guy's certainly hip with all of the "offensive racial stereotypes."

Oh, check it out! Mad as Hell comes back to
extrapolate from Philadelphia to Israel and the Palestians:
As bad as what happened at that pool in Philadelphia was, the bottom line is that, in the U.S., what happened was illegal, it will cause widespread outrage and there will be consequences.

Israel, on the other hand, is so far out of the mainstream that, once the general public becomes truly aware of the exact nature of their society and their settlement enterprise, there will be no forgiveness--none. That day is coming, and their attempts to delay that day of reckoning is misguided in the extreme. It is absolutely laughable that Israel still thinks it is being clever in getting away with this kind of behavior in this day and age.
Mad as Hell has obviously never read American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass. (And that's why Jimmy Carter slurs Israeli policy as "apartheid," for which he's been roundly rebuked.)

Okay let's hear from
LouisGirl84, who responds to some of the comments calling for "empathy":
I must admit hatred does rear its ugly head when I have to deal with republicans and republican trolls.

I do not feel that way about people of other races and ethnicities. I like the differences actually. I guess I must hate America, according to people like Joe Not a Plumber.
Actually, you hate conservatives, LouisGirl84. From that, I can only infer your hatred of America.

Whoa! Here's another doozy from
Yeah! Clearly if the membership had known there were going to be 60 black kids in their pool they could have had it drained after they left so the white kids to resume swimming without changing their complexion.

Nothing could have been better then for these white kids with their hardcast stereotypes to stay in the pool and experience black kids playing in the pool. It would have been an amazing learning experience for some of them. Of course, some of them would never change their attituddes, but some would and that's prgress.

What is amazing is that in the 21st century there still are people who hold these sterepotypes after all the evidence had been gathered to show it as so much bullshit. Yes, there are gangbangers, but not all blacks are gang bangers. Yes, there are white supremecists, but not all whites are Pro-Klan.
Well, these particular "whites, Pro-Klan," happen to be Democrats. And you know, that's the way it was way back when, during Jim Crow segregation. Old traditions die hard on the left.

And by the way: Not too many folks responding to the original TPM post, "
Request: Local Info on John Duesler and the Philadelphia Racism Story."

In fact, the first commenter pretty much nails it: "The explanation would probably be that some Obama supporters are racist."

Bingo! Like
Tom Boggioni:

Remember, racism's totally cool when practiced by Democrats!

(And see, "
Mainstream Bigotry and Racism on the Democratic-Left.")

Still no word from, Gawker, Unreported, and Alas, a blog. However, the folks at Jack and Jill Politics redeemed themselves at bit, "I’m Crying Bullsh—."

Still, you know how it is with most of these idiots: Once they found out Duesler was Democrat, it's like hey, "this seems a little odd ... couldn't be one of our guys"?


Rusty Walker said...

I think racism, and disrespect in any forum or form, is uncalled for. I also am not amused at the National Review with the medical gloves on Obama.

I think it is disrespectful to an elected President of the United States of America. Period. Full stop; Bush or Obama, notwithstanding. I am consistent in my conservative view Right of Left, the country needs to respect the elected president and acquire some class.

Anonymous said...

1)Respect is earned. I think that Obama's election to the office and his comportment in office is disrespectful to the office of POTUS, not to mention disrespectful to the whole country.
2) Actually, it is their pool, they should be able to do what they want with it. That is a key aspect of what freedom and liberty is about: disposing of one's property as one see fit. The State has no business telling citizen's what to do in such matters.
3) I doubt that you are really a conservative at all. Objecting to Political cartoons of a sitting POTUS, particularly one like this, hardly sounds conservative' it hardly sounds American. It sounds like someone that has a misplaced faith in government and one's "rulers". It sounds like a Democrat.

Jordan said...

I agree with Rusty that we must respect the President's office, but Rusty.... political cartoons do respect. Disrespect would be making fun of Michelle's manarms or something, not putting gloves on Obama.

Rusty Walker said...

No, it isn't about "rulers," we just have a differnt take on things. I actually like the political cartoons that are funny, just not the ones that are disprespectful. Sorry, I am not a Democrat, it is just about being able to disagree in politics and still having common decency and respect.

smitty1e said...

Remember, racism's totally cool when practiced by Democrats!

It's not just cool, its a career path, called Affirmative Action.

Grizzly Mama said...

Just so everyone is aware - a private swim club in Philly is not a 'country club'.

As a transplant to the Philadelphia area from the Mid West - I thought it odd: all of these private swim clubs everywhere. Just about every neighborhood in the surrounding area has a private swim club. You pay dues and get some nice features that aren't included in most public pools. Plus, there is a limit on the number of memberships so overcrowding of the pool is very rare. The swim club we belonged to in the old neighborhood was multi racial - as would be expected in an area that has a multitude of different races living together. I can see how the members of the swim club might get upset at having 30 or 40 (or more?) kids taking over the pool every week - especially since the members were not told about this plan.

I have a hard time believing that this is about race, except for that very strange statement that Duesler made. It leaves me scratching my head - and of course it is important to point out that the guy is an Obama voting Democrat. How could he even think of using the word 'complexion'? Not a very bright fella.

The only pool that I'm aware of that discriminated against blacks had to close because nobody would join it.

QuakerDave said...

If they didn't think they did anything wrong the first time, why are they now inviting the kids BACK?:

Maybe it was the class action lawsuit, or the investigation by the state's Human Relations Commission.

Oh, and this noisy corner of the American Left thinks all racism is evil, especially when the targets are little kids.

(Thanks for that linky love: thought you'd forgotten about me.)

QuakerDave said...

"Respect is earned. I think that Obama's election to the office and his comportment in office is disrespectful to the office of POTUS, not to mention disrespectful to the whole country."

The we're clear as to why people on the Left were so unhappy with the previous regime. Right?

Bob Belvedere said...

Professor, you wrote: Still, you know how it is with most of these idiots: Once they found out Duesler was Democrat, it's like hey, "this seems a little odd ... couldn't be one of our guys"?

Dead-Solid-Perfect observation.

Quoted from and linked to at: