Saturday, August 15, 2009

Disabled Woman Assaulted at Adam Schiff Town Hall: Kimberly King Speaks Out Against 'ACORN PRO-OBAMA THUGS'

Gateway Pundit provides the video, "Handicapped Woman Cries After Assault By Union Thugs at Town Hall (Video)":

There's more to the story: If you look at the start of the video, you'll see a "Sepulveda Boulevard" street sign, which is West Los Angeles. Protesters turned out yesterday for a demonstration at Senator Dianne Feinstein's Westwood Office at the intersection of Sepulveda and Santa Monica Boulevards. Check the page for the National Inflation Association. They've got loads of YouTube videos from the event. They've also got an accompanying article, "Violence at Town Hall Meetings Could Escalate" (another link is here):

We believe the violence erupting today at health care town hall meetings is only a sign of things to come. These meetings will likely get louder and more raucous in the upcoming weeks and if Obama moves forward with his plan to socialize health care in America, the violence could potentially escalate to an uncontrollable level.
It turns out that the woman in the video is Kimberly King.

She's got a report of an ObamaThug assault posted at a 9/12 Project message board, "
I'm a Disabled Woman - I Was Assaulted at a Health Care Town Hall by ZEALOTS!" Ms. King says a scuffle broke out as she was accosted by left-wing goons (edited):

As we all know things are getting nasty at these town halls and once it happens to you personally it shakes you to the core and the culprits are NOT the crazy right wing mob ... IT'S ACORN/PRO-OBAMA bused in THUGS DOING IT!! ....

I am disabled. I currently have a ruptured spinal wire from a spinal implant and will be having my SEVENTH surgery since 2001 within the next week. I also have multiple health problems including little use of my left arm from nerve damage and horrible problems walking since the wire ruptured. I am in such pain it's difficult to describe, but being there today was important.

We arrived at 4:30 pm and the Alhambra police positioned me right down front by the barricade next to the raised dais where the Congressman was to be situated. The town hall was actually to be held at 5pm but didn't begin until 7pm. At 5:30 I needed to go the restroom so my best friend went to help me (I'm in a neckbrace and using a walker) and my husband remained with our seats.

Upon returning a group of pro-reform women were standing in front of my seat waving their ready made ACORN designed signs. My husband tapped one of them on the shoulder and courteously asked her to move as his wife needed her seat. She ignored him. I said "excuse me" THREE times and she looked at me and said, "You can sit over there where the other handicaps are sitting." (Mind you this was in the hot sun on metal folding chairs and we had brought my own chair. That area was for handicapped and elderly constituents of Mr. Schiff's ...) I told her "I need my chair NOW!" as my arm was giving out and I was about to fall. My husband finally screamed "MOVE!" She and her coven screamed, "NO! WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE ANYWHERE!" I had no choice but to shove her aside with my walker as I was about to fall and SHE STOMPED MY FOOT! I collapsed in the chair and screamed in pain. She and her friends started screaming "She's LYING! SHE'S LYING! SHE ASSAULTED HER!!"

Of course other onlookers immediately swept in and backed us having seen her interfere with me getting in my seat and saw her stomp my foot. Fortunately the kind policeman who placed us there came over and informed them I was the front of the line and to move. This harpie then started to mock me, laugh at my condition, even went so far to suggest I was faking, called me a effing bitch, this woman screamed at me so loudly just spewing hate that I was in tears: "You want everyone taken care of and you're so concerned about others well being but you were more than happy to let me fall on the concrete and then step on me! You are a liar! You are a hypocrite! Shame on you!" I screamed "GET AWAY FROM ME!" over the din of 3000 folks in attendance some guys in suits finally came over and said she would be ejected if she said anything else to me.
Typical report on how "compassionate" are the left-wing activists.

This is the first I've heard of Ms. King's story, but her incident is totally in line with what I reported earlier. See, "Astroturf at Adam Schiff Town Hall: ACORN, AARP, Organizing for America, SEIU, and Stalinist Apparatchiks for ObamaCare!"


commoncents said...

Great post! I really like your blog!!

ps. Link Exchange??

vdavisson said...

Great post. We can expect to see Mrs. King demonized in 5... 4... 3...

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, but Stalin died almost sixty years ago. Are you truly saying that time travel has been invented to bring his followers forward to counteract the Fascists who have been comparing the American President to Adolf Hitler?

Anonymous said...

There are multiple virus sites on this page that are being blocked by my webroot software. Probably something on your sidebar. You better check them out. You are probably already infected.

dave in boca said...

Too bad we couldn't have got the actual attack by the rent-a-mob ACORN & SEIU thugs on camera doing their stomping & harassing. You have to have cameras and then, just maybe, FOX will have the guts to put it on the air.

As for the state-run choir behind preacher-man Dear Leader Brobambi, fuggedibowdit!

Now of course, as happened with Joe the Plumber and countless other real tax-paying normal citizens after they outed the socialist/liberal fascism of the "si, se puede" commentariat, the attacks by Obama's snitch-cadre Sonderkommandos on the blogosphere will commence on Mrs. King.

I'll bet the LAT ignores it completely though. They don't cover news that happens in LA or Orange County!

Anonymous said...

So lets see now. SHE shoved a woman, and the woman ended up stepping on her toes.

This equates to Obama sending in his goon squads to beat up poor little dissenters.

You are such a pathetic tool Donald.

loki said...

To ellid- If your selective liberal memory serves you, your folks compared Bush to Hitler too- so, Why So Serious?
Liberals just want to seem compassionate, but their hearts are flinty indeed.
To them it is better that a bad bill be passed, with them holding the reins, than for a fair bill to be passed and ANYONE else receive credit.
That's just so sad, and so are they.

Anonymous said...

So lets see now. SHE shoved a woman, and the woman ended up stepping on her toes.

This equates to Obama sending in his goon squads to beat up poor little dissenters.

You are such a pathetic tool Donald.

You are cherry-picking and ignoring that they had politely asked the woman to please move several times.

No it is you who is the pathetic tool.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha ellid you are such a comedian, not.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we can expect to see Michelle Malkin peeping into her windows to check her countertops to make sure she didn't receive any healthcare coverage she wasn't entitled to in 3... 2... 1...