Sunday, October 11, 2009

National Equality March: LGBT Socialists Storm Washington

Earlier this week, prominent gay rights activist Charles Merrill denounced the communist infiltration of today's National Equality March. See, "Protesting Socialist Ties, Merrill Calls for Cancellation of National Equality March":

Merrill's plea to the LGBT community to cancel the National Equality March altogether stems from what he sees as a disturbing -- and ultimately damaging -- association between LGBT activists and Marxist march organizers Cleve Jones and Sherry Wolf.

Merrill, a Democrat and a capitalist who has long worked to secure equal rights for LGBT people, believes Wolf and Jones are using the march as a platform to further their own socialist agenda. The overwhelming majority of LGBTs are Democrats who support the free enterprise system, not socialists or Marxists, and Merrill fears all gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons could end up portrayed as socialists as a result of participating in the National Equality March -- and if that happens, President Obama is likely to further distance himself from the LGBT community.
And the folks at the Socialist Worker -- who joined with International ANSWER for last week's Afghanistan protests -- have pumped up the National Equality March as a spearhead for the larger revolutionary struggle:

SOME MIGHT conclude that LGBT activism and the march have taken off because of special circumstances--mainly, that the right has focused on attacking LGBT people as the last respectable bigotry, and that the Prop 8 issue spurred people into action.

But a closer look shows that the new LGBT movement has been produced by the same hard times--and hopes--shared by the working-class majority in this country ....

In fact, class issues and solidarity have been central to the new LGBT activism. In Chicago, for instance, activists demonstrating for equal marriage joined protests in support of the Republic Windows & Doors factory occupation in December, and striking workers from SK Hand Tools attended a Cleve Jones speech in Chicago to ask for support.

Far from being a special case on the left, the LGBT movement is shaped by both the economic crisis and the widespread hope for political change following the disaster of the Bush years. What sets the activists apart is only the fact that small groups of people started organizing ...
Also from the Socialist Worker, "Roots of the LGBT Struggle" (on the impact of Stonewall):

As Sherry Wolf, author of Sexuality and Socialism, put it:

By the time the riots subsided, activists began distributing leaflets that read, "Do You Think Homosexuals Are Revolting? You Bet Your Sweet Ass We Are," and announced a meeting at a Village leftist venue known as Alternative U. What began as an ad hoc committee of Mattachine-New York to organize a march in commemoration of the riots evolved into a full-blown organization, the Gay Liberation Front (GLF).

In conscious tribute to the South Vietnamese National Liberation Front then fighting the U.S. government in Southeast Asia, these activists wanted to confront not just the stifling homophobia of U.S. society, but the entire oppressive and exploitative imperial edifice...almost all the newly radicalizing activists agreed that the old guard's approach needed to be upended.

And the news today out of Washington finds key gay activists forging alliances with Marxists during parties and planning. Ameriqueer of the Bilerico Project writes, "Going to Meet Cleve Jones" :

What do you want me to say to Cleve Jones, Michelangelo Signorile or Lane Hudson when I see them at Bil Browning's birthday tonight?
And here's this Ameriqueer tweet:

And this one, from Michael Crawford:

The crowd size looks impressive, via Bilerico, "Live from Washington: Coverage of the National Equality March":

See also, the Los Angeles Times, "Gays, Lesbians March on Washington, Calling for Full Equality." And, "Obama Renews Pledge to Gays to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'." (Via Memeorandum.)

Related: Charles Winecoff, "
Love, War – and Gay Marriage":

Eight years after 9/11, the LGBT community gets its activism fix by indulging in nostalgic, anti-establishment indignation over petty domestic slights. Ganging up on an annoying little old lady carrying a cross at a Prop 8 rally satisfies the itch between workouts and White Parties. But wouldn’t it be genuinely awe inspiring to see masses of musclebound gay men taking on, say, a congregation of homophobic Islamic “thinkers” (who, BTW, love the idea of pushing gay men off cliffs to their death)?
Plus, some on the scene are saying the crowd's estimated at "between 100000 and 250000." When will the media investigate the crowd size numbers? Boy, the crowd estimates were extremely important on September 12, remember?

Additional Related: Dan Riehl, "Obama's Problems."


Mark Harvey said...

Damn fags. We had them BEAT by 2.5 to 1.

richard mcenroe said...

OMG! Socialists!

JBW said...

You run a classy site here Don, as evidenced by the caliber and intelligence of your commenters. Keep it up, cupcake.

Dennis said...

Not sure how that differs from the left's name calling of the T.E.A. party protesters. The usual bit of sophism from those on the left.
The absolute last thing JBW should comment about is caliber and intelligence given his lack and past comments. It is nice to see him define himself though since he is a commenter.
You do no good to step down to the level of the Left in dialogue. I am sure that you possess much more skill and ability to write cogently. It is very American to protest and I wish them well even though on some issues I disagree with them.
Yes I admit I like doing a JBW on JBW, especially after his comments about the gentleman who got killed simply because he was wearing an ID that made him appear to be a FED. As anyone who has even a slight bit of intellect honesty could ascertain, he was killed by the criminal element that uses those areas for their nefarious pursuits. JBW has the school yard bully's approach to sophism. One can only have pity on him and hope that he grows up.

Anonymous said...

I don't really see how same sex marriage equates to socialism. Thats kind of seems like a big leap of logic to me. Has it ever occurred to you that same-sex couples only want the same rights you enjoy and that their goal isn't to bring down this capitalist society? You seem to be very obsessed about tracking down socialist/communist elements to the point where I would probably recommend you to be tested for paranoid schizophrenia.
I do not support the democrats at all and think they are morons (almost as big of morons as the republicans), but I will admit that the democratic party is not socialist. I would barely consider the democrats a leftist party and more of a "barely left of center" party. Their politicians are all supported by almost the same type of corporations that fund the republicans. How is that socialism? Obama gave a bail out to giant corporations not every day working people. Thats corporate welfare which sounds pretty capitalist to me. I can assure you the democrats aren't revolutionary communist so you can stop wetting your diapers.

Anonymous said...

god hates fags and anyone whoisnt like you, also known as communists and socialists apparently; never new equal rights in the 'land of the free' was such a radical idea..

mamapajamas said...

Anon #1: It isn't paranoia when the socialists/communists are actually there.

Anonymous said...

Just because there are socialist/communist among those advocating the right to marry for everyone doesn't mean that the struggle for gay rights should be defined as a socialist/communist movement. There are many different types of people and groups joined together for gay rights.

And on an interesting side note: Doesn't socialism mean government intervention? And isn't the government regulating who can and can't get married government intervention. Well then by those means Mr. Douglas is a SOCIALIST!

Anonymous said...

is this your kid?

JBW said...

Aww, I like you too Dennis. You're my favorite right-wing pseudo-intellectual on this site, even despite your repeated penchant for grammatical errors. Write something worthy of my time and maybe I'll waste a little of it engaging you. Maybe.