Thursday, October 1, 2009

Representative Alan Grayson: Republicans Are 'Knuckle Dragging Neanderthals'

Yep, Represenative Grayson actually says it: Republicans are "knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who think they can dictate policy to America" (at about 5:55 minutes):

The "knuckle draggers" slur is pretty popular across the leftosphere --- which explains how stupid an attack it is. (The "knuckle dragging" associations are based on essentially racist stereotypes that have been debunked by scientific anthropology ... so much for the "reality-based" community!)

But check out Michelle Malkin's post, "
Alan Grayson’s Diarrhea of the Mouth."

And in some related diarrhea,
Matthew Yglesias applauds Grayson's politically incorrect demonology, and essentially extends the knuckle dragging slur --- in defending global warming hysteria --- to the "stupid" population of the U.S. conservative heartland:

In particular, you really can’t talk about the climate change issue in a sensible way without mentioning the irreducible wrongness of residents of a large developed nation endangering the lives and livelihoods of a couple billion people in the developing world with our industrial activities.
Stay classy, Matt.


Donald Borsch Jr. said...

I love this guy more than I love Joe Biden! Talk about gaffes!

Let this guy keep smacking those gums and just keep recording his words. He isn't helping the left at all.

I think I'll put him on my Christmas, oops, I mean, "Holiday Card" List. Mustn't offend the liberals now...