Saturday, November 7, 2009

WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER. Dissing Troop Families, Obambi Lobbies House on Health Vote; Meanwhile, Former President Bush Visits the Grieving at Fort Hood

CNN reports, "Obama Visits Hill in Push for Health Care Reform." See also, from Fox News's White House blog, "President Obama’s Saturday Schedule."

Meanwhile, also at Fox, "
George W. Bush Secretly Visits Fort Hood Victims":

Former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura secretly visited Fort Hood last night and spent "considerable time" consoling those who were wounded in Thursday's shooting spree, Fox News has learned.

The Bushes entered and departed the sprawling military facility in secret, having told the base commander they did not want press coverage of their visit, a source told Fox News.

The couple was described as "deeply concerned" about military families on Fort Hood after Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly opened fire on soldiers and civilians, killing 13 and wounding 38.

The Bushes, who have a 1,600-acre property known as Prairie Chapel Ranch less than 30 miles from Fort Hood in central Texas, spent between one and two hours visiting the wounded and their families.
But note this from Reuters, "Obamas to attend Fort Hood memorial Tuesday." Better late than never, I guess. Or as Pamela suggests, "Obama's posse has announced he will go to Fort Hood next week. Not because he wants to, but because he was shamed into it. Disgusting."

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Dana said...

Class shows, I suppose. Still, I don't know that I'd criticize President Obama on this one: he dopes have a full schedule, and the President of the United States can't always just drop everything.

repsac3 said...

Yep... Dana's correct...

Far easier when you're pretty much unemployed and live less than 30 miles away. (The real question to ponder is whether Mr Bush would've cancelled a speaking engagement or other obligation to be there...)

Absolutely classy of them to go, but no reflection on the current president for not getting there first, given each man's schedule, responsibilities, and ability to make unplanned, unannounced trips at the drop of a hat.

AmPowerBlog said...

Dana: Wrong, and by giving these comments you're just bucking up nihilist Repsac3.

"The priority for the Commander In Chief, IMHO, would be to bypass any planned speech and immediately fly to Austin, Texas, act like a Commander In Chief, go to the site of the shootings, meet with senior staff, assess the situation and events that led to the shootings, speak to the troops, particularly the injured, demonstrate concern and take action based on the findings of your assessment. Such actions should include addressing the families of the fallen and the injured. Assure the American people that their military bases and the security of the bases are not compromised and all possible measures will be taken to tighten what already has been established to safeguard the safety of soldiers."

From Flopping Aces.

repsac3 said...

FA's got a right to his (their) humble opinion(s).

Hopefully, Dana does, as well...

The fact that they do dud'n make either of 'em right (or wrong) though... ...not even if one quotes 'em, verbatim... It's a long walk from opinion to fact.

(Be careful though, Dana... "Bucking up" a "nihilist" by having an opinion that one may more or less agree with likely trumps all other sins, 'round here. The ability to reason for yourself--particularly when it results in your not blasting all with whom Donald disagrees--is not highly valued by the management. It might even make'm write out an attack post that essentially echos the first one, just for effect... Why cut'n'paste someone else, when you can cut'n'paste yer own opinionated verbiage all over again...?)

You're still correct, Dana, on both counts... Don't let the naysayers verbally beat you into sayin' any different, at least until the facts actually support a change in your thinkin'.