Sunday, February 21, 2010

Message to Self: Don't Skip CPAC Next Year!

Lots of reasons to head to CPAC one of these days. Of course, it would have been great to see Robert again, but I'm especially looking forward to meeting all the other great bloggers I've become friends with online over the last couple of years. That's my buddy Dana Loesch with Robert (full-size Blogger upload is here). See, "Hannah Giles and Other CPAC Celebrities," and "CPAC: After-Action Report I":

And here's this from Dana's blog, "CPAC Insanity":

Also, no pictures, but Andrew Breitbart isn't the only one to confront folks in the hotel hallways. From Alex Knepper, "My Fight With Ryan Sorba, the Kid Who Denounced GOProud" (via Memeorandum). I know Alex too. We had a gay marriage debate on this blog some time back (see, "Same-Sex Hate-Seekers"). And this is Alex's takeaway from the confrontation with Sorba:
It’s pretty clear that this kid is deep in the closet. When he says he’s never had a blowjob, I’m not sure what would be more pathetic: if he’s lying to me, or if he’s telling the truth. But any young guy so obsessed with homosexuality, so obsessed with maintaing that it’s reversible, is clearly a closet gay guy. Imagine when this closet case marries and his wife wants to make love to him: “Sorry, honey! Sex is only for reproduction, after all!” I’d feel somewhat sorry for the poor boy, but alas, he’s making everyone else’s lives more difficult in the meantime. So, screw him.
I'm going to throw a little cold water on the meme that this CPAC event signaled the beginning of the end of the culture wars (e.g., "gee, look how tolerant those normally brutish conservatives were," etc.). And for more on this, see Gay Patriot, "Why Doesn’t the Gay Community Embrace the Tea Party Movement?"


Serr8d said...

Yeah, looks like this would've been good times. I might make the trek next year as well.

Alex and Ryan, huh? I think if Alex would not be so quick to start a culture fight, she might make progress. Just my .02.

Grizzly Mama said...

It would be a blast, wouldn't it?