Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WaPo's 'Two Men Kissing'

The Washington Post has published an ombudsman's response to the reader reactions to this photo. Frankly, I'd expect homosexuals to be kissing, so front-page photos like that are mostly uncontroversial. In contrast, LAT's aggressive gay-male gender-bender shot last March was way problematic. Such imagery is something that's way out there on the cultural left, and it was mostly nihilist trolls here at the blog defending the Times' editorial decisions. That said, what's really offensive about Andrew Alexander's piece is his linkage of homosexual rights to interracial marriage. The comparison is a scam. See, "Same-Sex Marriage: Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy."

Meanwhile, a reader responds to the Washington Post's
editorial policies. What bothers people is not so much homosexuality per se, but the left's program of radical social engineering, from the elite-media editorial boardrooms to the Stalinist show trials to the racist gay-rights street protests of the International ANSWER cadres:

Big, color photos of homosexuals hugging and smooching shows pure contempt for the values of the vast majority of Americans.

The publishers of the liberal media wonder why they are losing readers and circulation. One reason is that old line papers such as WaPo dish out a bland, liberal diet of Democrat propaganda. Another reason is its obvious devotion to all things homosexual.

Most of us are totally disinterested in homosexuality and its manifestations. Many are downright hostile to it. Homosexual activists have their own publications. That's where their affairs belong.

I'm sure WaPo honchos think they are supporting a good cause. That's their opinion only. It just does not reflect America, as a whole.

By doing this thing they are merely driving more and more people to the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck.

Unintended consequences, I'm sure.


AST said...

Well said. Homosexuals used to be beaten and killed with impunity. Such treatment was a violation of their rights to be protected by the law in the same way straight people are.

But they twisted that point into an argument that gays are entitled to a kind of super-equality (some are more equal than others), entitling them to privileges that nobody else has. I think we'd all be better off if our whole society practiced, don't ask-don't tell and definitely don't try to guilt-trip the rest of us for having our own strongly held beliefs and opinions.

This nation is suffering from a severe deficit in critical and clear thinking and is pulling away from its moorings.

Anonymous said...

America as a whole? While the gay marriage issue tends to to have little support among Americans at present, every recent poll has found that 2 in every 3 Americans supports civil unions for gays and lesbians that grant all the same rights as marriage. Most Americans agree that gay relationships deserve the same recognition and respect that heterosexual relationships receive, it's only on whether same sex couples are entitled to the word "marriage" that people differ in opinion.

The issue of homosexuality is long past in this country. Social conservatives just haven't realized yet that that ship has sailed. America values civil rights and self determination. The only issue that exists now is one of marriage.

Patricia said...

I personally don't care what anyone's sexual preference is, however, this should not be displayed on the front page of any publication that is in the view of young children.