Friday, May 14, 2010

AFL-CIO Leads Radical Left's Attack on Arizona's SB 1070

The AFL-CIO is spearheading a radical assault on Arizona's SB1070, "Women Taking on Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law":


The Women’s Emergency Human Rights Delegation, which includes civil and women’s rights leaders, journalists, union leaders and organizers from the AFL-CIO, National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), the National Domestic Worker Alliance (NDWA) and Jobs with Justice (JwJ), visited women at community centers in Phoenix on Mother’s Day to document the experiences of women in Arizona in the wake of the signing of the law. Ana Avendano, an assistant to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, was among the delegation.

Make no mistake: These groups are among the most hardline organizations on the radical left. NDLON is organizing the May 29th "NATIONAL CONVERGENCE TO STOP THE HATE." See also, "Unions Show How to Build a Boycott of Arizona."

Plus, AFL-CIO goons are pushing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano to yank Homeland Security from Arizona's border enforcement operations. See The Hill, "AFL-CIO wants DHS to stop working with Arizona state cops":
Labor group joins civil rights organization in callling on Napolitano to end programs because of immigration law.

One of the nation's most influential labor groups and a civil rights organization on Friday urged Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to end programs with Arizona law enforcement agencies over the state's controversial immigration law.

The AFL-CIO and the Leadership Conference penned a letter to Napolitano, saying that while the administration has said it is opposed to the law, they need to be doing more to protest it.

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Stogie said...

This is a very disturbing report, Donald. The Party of Treason once again earns its moniker.

You would think the unions would support the bill, since it tends to protect American jobs and the downward effect on wages that illegals exert. There is nothing rational about their decision to go after Arizona. They are just reflexively anti-American.

Donald Douglas said...

Pretty sick, Stogie.

Thanks man...

Dennis said...

That is where you make your mistake and the one most people make in believing that unions care about American jobs.