Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ron Gochez, Anti-Semitic Social Justice Teacher and Reconquista Activist, Connects With Underage Student Hotties on MySpace

There's a little buzz tonight surrounding a three year-old protest video featuring Los Angeles revolutionary/reconquista activist Ron Gochez -- who's listed as a Social Studies Teacher in the School of Public Service and Social Justice at Los Angeles' Santee High School.

Here's this from
Gochez's speech at UCLA in 2007:
We are revolutionary Mexican organization here. We understand that this is not just about Mexico. It’s about a global struggle against imperialism and capitalism… At the forefront of this revolutionary movement is La Raza. We will no longer fall for these lies called borders. We see America as a northern front of a revolutionary movement… Our enemy is capitalism and imperialism.
Well, we find more on Ron Gochez with a little digging. For one thing the guy's a rabid anti-Semite. In 2002, he published a Letter to the Editor, at SDSU's Daily Aztec, entitled "The Jewish-owned media continue to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear." The letter's been taken down, but not the responses to it. For example, here's Tevia Schriebman, Jewish Student Union President:
I am writing in response to Ron Gochez's letter to the editor. His empty words are filled with racist remarks and lies. As the President of the Jewish Student Union at SDSU, I take personal offense at his comments and beliefs that "Jewish-owned media continues to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear." This lie is the language of hate speech perpetuated by anti-Semitic groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.
And check the link. Schriebman's not alone in denouncing Gochez's racist bigotry.

And it's not as if Ron Gochez's anti-Jewish diatribes were a matter of youthful indiscretion. He's cited as the lead organizer and contact person for an event in January 2009, "
Raza in Solidarity with Palestine - Saturday, January 17th, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM - At Centro Cultural Francisco Villa - 2100 Maple Ave. LA - END the OCCUPATION NOW!":


Plus, Gochez is cited at the Workers World Party website, "ONE MILLION ON MAY DAY DEMAND: Stop Arizona Apartheid Law":
The Southern California Immigration Coalition contingent, wearing red shirts and carrying red, Mexican and Honduran flags and flags from other Latin American countries, represented one of the largest groups in the united protest. SCIC includes over 40 organizations; some of the major ones are Union del Barrio, BAYAN-USA, Service Employees Local 721 Latino Caucus, Latino Congresso and the International Action Center/Bail Out the People Movement.

Two of the rally emcees were Ron Gochez of Union del Barrio and Celina Benitez of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador. Both are steering committee members of SCIC. They made comments and led chants that made it clear that any legislation calling for criminalization was not acceptable.
The Southern California Immigration Coalition webpage is here, and Unión del Barrio is here.

And that's far from all the bad news about Ron Gochez. It turns out that "Mr. Gochez" is an unmarried 28 year-old Don Juan who keeps
a spicy-hot MySpace page boasting a pictorial spread featuring some busty underage Latinas. According to "Mr. Gochez's" profile:
Mr. Gochez AKA Little Crow (Santee Tribe Leader!)'s Blurbs

About me:

I'm a teacher at South Central LA High! I LOVE MY JOB! Teaching our young people is a beautiful thing! I wouldn't do anything else! I want to give the youth of South Central the best education that people like my parents NEVER had the opportunity to receive. I graduated from San Diego State and then I got my masters at UCLA. I love to travel, read, work out, watch movies, watch RAIDER FOOTBALL!! VIVA LA RAZA!!

Who I'd like to meet:
And who would he like to meet? Well, check out these bursting screencaps below, featuring some provocative pics from some of his tribe's underage hotties:



The page is dated Oct 19 2009 1:51 PM, and features this Mexican flag and rallying cry: "Mexican Pride!"


This guy's all over the web.

Turns out he made a conference presentation at "
“THE STRUGGLE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE IN EDUCATION” - 2nd Annual Assoc. of Raza Educators Conference." Gochez's presentation? No surprise here: "How to be a teacher AND an Organizer: Putting Revolutionary Theory into Practice!":

Ron Góchez, M.Ed., LAUSD, Association of Raza Educators, Los Angeles

Come and learn how to organize! Ever feel like you wanted to organize something but didn’t know how? Come learn some basic/practical tactics that you can use to advance Social Justice both inside and outside of your classroom! As A.R.E we believe that being a Social Justice educator means being able to organize students, parents and fellow teachers! Come learn how from teachers who have led successful struggles in South Central LA.


Of course, barely half of the Hispanic student population at Santee High School is proficient in English and math, and it's no wonder when you've got extremist social justice educators doing everything except actually teaching kids the basics.

And that, in a nutshell, is the crisis of American education!

Chicks on the Right have the contact information for the L.A. Unified School District and Board of Education. If anyone deserves to be fired, this guy is it.

Added: From Doug Ross, "Your Tax Dollars At Work: 'Professor' Rallies Students for an Armed Revolt Against 'Occupied Mexico', eh, I mean the United States of America":


smitty1e said...

Updated my post to link you here.
Thanks for the great work.

Dana said...

I guess that I don't understand all of this "Mexican Pride" stuff. If they are so proud of Mexico, why did they leave in the first place?

Darth Bacon said...

Hey, bring your 'revolution', suckers.

Last time I checked, it wasn't Mexican vegetable pickers and high school kids with all the guns.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I find this man revolting. It is one thing to speak freely bu he is now abusing it and spreading his venom nation wide. This man should be the "poster idiot" for why California teachers should be ignored and parents need to be very "pro-active" in making sure teachers like this have no contact with their kids. If enough attention is placed on him he will crawl back in his commie hole with the rest of his rat friends.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you took screen shots of his myspace, it seems that someone is busy sweeping it clean now.

Instead of access the screen says: This profile is undergoing routine maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a good reason NOT to put your kids in the LAUSD system. I know I'm not!

Anonymous said...

BTW, you can also find him on Hi5, with a picture. This guy is trollin for a date..... serious trollin.

Anonymous said...

I was very distubed when I first viewed this video that was redistributed on the Drugde Report over the weekend.

I shared it on my facebook and suggested that everyone be armed with their own history lesson:
The Treaty of Guadalupe; and a link to summary that shows what the population was in California prior to the treaty.
Ridiculous hate speech that our country certainly does not need right now.

This man should not be teaching and La Raza should never receive public funds.

I noticed the home page for La Raza does not state it's mission on the site, nor seems to have a response to this video, unless it's an older/removed post from 2007.

Anonymous said...

take your Mexican pride and the rest of you back to the OTHERSIDE of the border.
this pendejo should be strung up and beaten like a freaking pinata

Mike The Mexican Mangler said...

Hey Ron, please bring your big bad Mexican horde at us. Many of us white boys are begging for it.

Anonymous said...

Instead of this loser spending his time on this crap, how about he try to teach. Take a look at the California Standards Test results from this school. Scroll down to see that only 8% are proficient (or better) in History/Social Sciences! My tax dollars at work!

kcajnagrom said...

I looked up Ronald Gouchez on the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing web site and all he has is a Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science. I know he has been teaching there since 2005. Its been 5 years and no Professional Credential.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need , another sick mind teaching children. You can tell he was an abused child, maybe he should have not been abused, but killed instead! The world would have been better off without him. Sick, Sick!

Conrad Gaarder said...

Well meaning people who desire good race relations should consider that, their good intentions notwithstanding, the reason we have had relatively little racial violence in this country is that whites have been the overwhelming majority since the founding. The influx of millions of unassimilated Mexicans, and the predictable appearance of the Ron Gochezes of the world, with their self-promoting formula of incitement and division, could easily result in the Mexican-Americans becoming the new Palestinians and Southern California and Arizona the new Gaza. It is Mexican-American parents most of all who should take action against the Gochezes, lest their children become dead-enders, as so many young Palestinians have.

Anonymous said...

It is Nitwits like this one (Ron), that will misslead the uneducated and causes the continuation of their own strife. It's no wonder that most will have a very hard time in life if they continue to follow such a dangerous path.If they truly do not want to live by the existing laws of the USA perhaps they can find some other country , Oh perhaps Mexico more to their liking . Because it's not going to change for them here.

wakeupyall said...

U.S. won 1846 war with Mexico. Even though winning war U.S. paid Mexico $18.3 million for the southwest. There were just as many white people as Mexicans living there at the time. It was not stolen from Mexico. Actually Spain originally took the land which is why most of the people became hispanic.

Anonymous said...

Ron Gochez is, above all else a hypocrite. Why? Because he claims that States like California were "stolen" from Mexico. Liar. They we defeated in a war. Remember the Alamo? And these lands were stolen by Spain from the Aztecs, Navaho, Apache and over fifty other Native American tribes before the war of Mexican independence. Planning on giving it back to the Native Americans, Ron? No? Why am I not surprised? Do you like your freedom of speech here in America? There is none in Cuba, the home of your oft-invoked "Commandante" Fidel Castro Ruz, where the communist economy is in shambles, just as it is in the other nine "revolutionary countries" you invoke in your speeches, as you laud La Raza as the "northern front of a communist revolution". The taxpayers of the United States are fed up with illegal foreign nationals sponging off our "capitalist society". Go home. Don't like the big agro-business' treatment of illegals? Get a Green card and Unionize. That's what Cesar Chavez was all about.The UFW during Chávez's tenure was committed to RESTRICTING immigration. César Chávez and Dolores Huerta fought the Bracero Program that existed from 1942 to 1964. They were against exploitation of illegals! Read your history you hypocrite!