Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Media's Ideological Death Spiral

A couple of related stories, via Memeorandum:

At Big Government, "
JournoList: …Yes, But the Reporters at Pravda Weren’t Such Insufferable Assholes."

And Daily Caller, "
'CALL THEM RACISTS' — Documents show media plotting to kill stories about Rev. Jeremiah Wright."


Cartoon via Theo Spark.


Dennis said...

What should interest those who think the NAACP is a tad racist to listen to the agreement with the comments by the speaker from the audience. It is indicative of the corruption wrought on the NAACP by Julian Bond and his cronies.
I would suggest that there are enough videos demonstrating the racism of these race based groups as to play one a day until the election. It is like the first person who complains about the smell caused by excess flatulence in a crowded room is usually the one who created it.
The media will eventually have to stop playing Journalist games and start reporting the news or they will cease to exist except as a very small niche market. The fact that they are so corrupted by the likes of Journalist members probably means that they will perish.
I once heard it said that the journalism degree was created for those too dumb to accomplish any thing else. I don't know whether that's true or not, but it sure seems like it. How many times can one be caught like the MSM dissembling before even they begin to notice no one believes them? It would seem that a couple of ombudsman have tried to inform them, but alas it just seems to not get through their ideological blinders.

JBW said...

Let's see: accusation of racism against those you disagree with? Check. Ignored instances of racism from those you do agree with? Check. Accusations of a media conspiracy to do... whatever? Check. An indictment of journalism as a whole? Check.

You're on fire today, Dennis. Please tell me about how the left always does so and so while the right never does so and so. Please? I could use the laughs.

Dave said...

I think it's long past time to yank the tax-exempt status of the NAALCCCP, as it now appears its only reason for existence is to stir up just enough racial strife to keep professional race-baiting whores like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton from having to seek real jobs.