Monday, August 2, 2010

Booman Tribune Blood Libels Pamela Geller

I had to stop. I had to stop blogging for a minute to wait for my stomach to calm down, and for the sinking feeling in my heart to go away. I write about evil a lot. I tell my readers that not only is leftist ideology collectivist and destructive, it is also evil, in the most reprehensible way fathomable. I'm not sure who takes my comments seriously, outside of my regular readership and a number of other prominent bloggers and writers with whom I communicate. (Obviously, leftists dismiss their own frequent cases of diabolical hatred as aberrations.) It's just something that I know inside my heart, and it strengthens me — thank God — to have a strong sense of righteousness. I know progressivism is the Devil's work. As an ideology perhaps at one point there was some utility in it, say, in Theodore Roosevelt's brand of progressivism. Yeah, maybe at one time real social progress was the goal. But over these last few decades, at least since the 1960s — but especially in the last 9 years since September 11 — a fundamental metastasis has occurred, and its roots are in human evil.

In any case, I'm just writing my feelings upon reading Booman Tribune's post on Pamela Geller, "
Casual Suggestion." Screencaps are below. Here's the full quote from the main body of the post, by BooMan:
Apparently, Pam Geller wrote a book and someone actually reviewed it. I'm not sure which is more disturbing. Here's an idea. I promise to write a book about how right-wing lunatics are destroying the fabric of our country. I can do this with facts and citations or, if you prefer, I can just accuse them all of committing acts of bestiality, ritual Satanism, and drinking the blood of gentile babies. It's really up to the publisher. Whatever they want, I can supply. Making stuff up is easier though, so if you want the manuscript in time for a Christmas roll out, I advise we go with some bestiality. Just let me know and I'll get right to work.
The reference to the book review is for Elon Green at the communist webzine AlterNet, "Why Is Simon & Schuster Spreading the Wild Conspiracy Theories of an Unhinged Islamophobic Blogger?" Check the link. Nowhere does Elon Green actually engage the arguments in Pamela Geller's book. The "review" is frankly nothing more than a diatribe against the right-wing. What BooMan does is take it to the next step in leftist demonology, anti-Semitic blood libel. Sure, the post is formed as a hypothetical. BooMan suggests that he "can just accuse them all of committing acts of bestiality, ritual Satanism, and drinking the blood of gentile babies."

Plausible deniability then? Perhaps. Except that
BooMan's first commenter picks up on the dog whistle:
Did they use ink, or the dripping blood of the Muslim babies she was eating at the time?
The blog post and comment were posted earlier this evening, and there's a new post at top (excoriating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio). No one seems to object to this blood libel. In fact, looking at post after post after post of Booman Tribune, it's practically one long hit list against conservatives and Republicans. There is a lot of hatred there, and these are people who are already in power.

Blood libel accusations are a central manifestation of historical anti-Semitism. BooMan's deliberately vague remarks about how he "could accuse" people like Pamela Geller of "committing acts of bestiality, ritual Satanism, and drinking the blood of gentile babies" are drawn right out the ancient books of eliminationist Jew-hatred. Just to imply such abominations among conservatives is pretty sick. To make them in the context of attacking a prominent Jewish conservative woman and self-proclaimed anti-jihad blogger leaves little room for evasion. And the comments at the post simply seal the deal.

It was sickening reading this entry. And BooMan is not just a 9th tier blogger, unread and insignificant. RealClearPolitics links frequently to BooMan Tribune and the blog appears well respected around the left-wing 'sphere. That's because this is just how these folks roll. Meanwhile, the conservative-right is constantly defending itself against bogus allegations of racism. This reminds me of two key points raised about the progressive-left in Melanie Phillips' new book,
The World Turned Upside Down, both of which are illustrated by BooMan: (1) anti-intellectualism and (2) Jew-hatred. And again, while this is just one case, such episodes are quite frequent and regularly renounced among conservative blogs such as NewsReal. But hopefully this kind of leftist blood libel and hatred will start getting more attention among MSM outlets. Even there it's possible to cross the red line. And BooMan's achieved that.

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Opus #6 said...

This is horrible. Pamela Geller is one of the most courageous bloggers I know. God bless her.

AmPowerBlog said...

It is horrible, Opus. Nowhere in that post do they engage or attack Pamela's ideas. It's all anti-Jewish hatred and misogyny against her, and conservatives generally.

El Diablo said...

Satan here, Donald. Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that I eat both Gentile and Jewish babies. Hell, I'll even eat Muslim babies if you cook 'em right. No Buddhist babies though: two hours later and you're already hungry again. Take care and don't forget our deal: the PhD for your ever loving soul. I have a nice space cleared on my mantle for it. Love the blog. Palin in 2012!

Dennis said...

As heinous as this is I see these diatribes as a win for Conservatives. The more one can force the Left to resort to these demonstrations of who they really are the better it is for those who find Leftism, i.e Progressive ism et al, evil.
Each one of these little indications only serve to marginalize the Left and alienate a few more people. We just need to keep them front and center, which happens here, in everybody's consciousness so it cannot be hidden by the normal dissembling of the Left.
It is horrible, but it is a win each time it is exposed. I believe we need to see this as a gift that can keep being utilized against these haters of humanity.
The smartest move anyone can do is to use the composition of the demonstrators in Arizona as a stick. Every participant needs to be tied to ANSWER, et al and to be seen as Anti-American.
Don't stop your opponent from destroying themselves. Just ensure that every word is in the collective consciousness of the American people.

Bob Belvedere said...

Wonderfully put, Donald, well done.

I am really worried.

Quoted from and Linked to at:
The Resurrection Of Jew Hatred In The 21st Century

Asmodeus said...

What, are you stupid? Whoever this Boo person is (I neither know nor care), he most certainly isn't saying anything of the kind. The framework of the argument is a) to say that person 1 is saying something false about person 2, and b) to make fun of this by facetiously claiming to say something comparable about person 1. In terms of the actual argument, saying Geller is guilty of blood libel isn't actually meant to assert anything of the kind as fact. The point is to claim that saying this is just as absurd as the comparable claims that Geller is making about Islam. Whatever the validity of any of these claims, to infer that Boo is actually accusing Geller of blood libel shows a complete inability to understand a simple rhetorical trope.

A bit less outrage and a bit more rigorous thinking would be called for.

FishEagle said...

"Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it."

Abraham Lincoln

Nate said...

Typical leftist behavior: when they can't argue against the topic, they go for the ad hominem attack.

Oh, and I'm trying to figure out where Asmodeus got this: 'to infer that Boo is actually accusing Geller of blood libel shows a complete inability to understand a simple rhetorical trope.' out of this: 'What BooMan does is take it to the next step in leftist demonology, anti-Semitic blood libel.'