Monday, August 2, 2010

Christiane Amanpour (Tanks?) in Debut at ABC's 'This Week'

Folks are wiggin' over Christian Amanpour's debut as host at "This Week." I've commented on this a couple of times now, in March when Amanpour was announced as the new anchor and over the weekend as well. I doubt she'll have problems. She's an experienced journalist and it's not like ABC News is hostile to lefties. She'd have to flop numerous times before she'd get the boot. It's too bad though, since Jake Tapper was totally cool in the seat. He seemed like a good fit and was clearly pegged into the happenings with new media, blogs, etc.

In any case,
Eric Boehlert can scream until he's blue in the face. The JournoList scandal pulled back the curtains on our corrupt lefty press for good. What more could they ask for? (Well, net neutrality comes to mind, but we'll save that for later.)

That said, how'd the show go itself? I'll post Speaker Pelosi's clip here (more at ABC's home), where she indicates that she's ready to "turn out the lights" on the Afghan deployment, and is bummed out that the public's not there yet:

Remember, this is the face of today's Democratic Party, whose leaders would have given up on World War II in 1942. Disgraceful.


dave in boca said...

Maybe Amanpour can do a quick turn-around if she gets Jane Harman, whose husband just bought Newsweek, on her program after having Pelosi on her media-launch. Harman was ranking Democrat on the House Select Committee on Intelligence, but Pelosi intervened in ‘06 to put an Hispanic Texan who famously didn’t know the difference between Shi’ites and Sunnis, in as the Chair. Just like the Waxman/Dingell diss. In Harman’s case, it’s because she’s younger, richer, better-educated [Harvard], & better-looking than Botox Nancy and may be the smartest person in Congress.

If Amanpour is really as above politics and into substance as you say, she would get Harman into that fourth seat or as a guest—-Jane will be around long after Nancy is history.