Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lady Gaga Battles Britney Spears for Twitter Supremacy

Reminds me of great power politics, LOL!

And boy, it's hard out there in the celebrity hood!

At People Magazine:


With some help from her "little monsters," Lady Gaga has dethroned Britney Spears on Twitter.

The Bad Romance singer surpassed the reigning Twitter queen momentarily on Friday, but that same afternoon, Spears received more followers and secured her spot at the top – temporarily. By Saturday morning, Lady Gaga had regained her position, besting Spears by approximately 6,000 followers.
Gaga's still catching up to President Obama (he's a celebrity too), but she'll pass him as well, especially after the Dems get whomped in November.

Do States Ally Against the Leading Global Power?"


Opus #6 said...

Someone was pushing that account. I swear, I think GaGa followed my twitter account a few weeks ago. Not sure what came of that. I don't think I followed back.