Friday, October 1, 2010

Leftists Attack Community College Students and Professors as Failures

SEK's got yet another post obsessing with American Power. I noticed that he linked to an older one that I'd ignored, and I find this comment at the thread:
Just curious there, Donnie. You post multiple items a day, spend an awful lot of time commenting on various blogs (and those are just the ones you admit to posting on!)…do you think, you know, maybe something is getting short-shrifted?

Your job? No, of course not. How hard can it be to teach your opinion of history to a bunch of high school failures who have to take your course or else miss out on their Associates Degrees in cooking or house cleaning?

I got it! Masturbation! You’re falling woefully behind in that. You’ll be forced to attend remedial wanking lessons if you aren’t careful! After all, you have to keep your CPEs current!
I'm ignoring the stuff on my blogging hours and wanking. I've highlighted this part about a bunch of "high school failues" and "Associate Degrees in cooking and house cleaning?"

I can't see the upside of attacking community college students, since that false stereotype is more generally just an ugly slur on the community college demographic. It's disgusting, but SEK piles on in a response, which is no surprise:
Just chiming in to agree here. Most of my best students haven’t been of the I-tested-into-a-UC sort, but the I-earned-my-way-into-a-UC-via-a-CC sort, so whatever you might think (or the Donalde might prove) about the quality of the teaching at CCs, I can say that more often than not the students far outstrip their teachers.
That's really no defense of the students at all: It's a set up for the punchline, which is designed to be a smear on me but reveals a provincial antipathy in general to the faculty and mission of those teaching at community colleges. And all of this is quite revealing. I've posted on related matters previously: "You're a Professor, Really?" With this latest batch of smears we see the larger leftist-elitist pathology that has long bedeviled the left and makes progressives implacably hostile to the interests and well-being of common folk. One of the things that gives me great pride is the chance to teach the disadvantaged, and there's plenty of opportunity for that at community college. The irony here is that leftists are purportedly all about helping those at the lower rungs of the class system, but when these hateful, spiteful ideologues let it rip with their ugly attacks on those with less we see once again that it's conservatism that's the genuinely compassionate persuasion on the ideological spectrum.


FishEagle said...

The more I read your stuff the more I'm impressed. When a conservative black guy finds "great teach the disadvantaged," AND writes a politically incorrect blog, one concludes that it's done with sincerity.

I'm just coming right out and saying this because its honest - I never liked blacks. I have simply never been able to cross the political divide with any black person. I'm the only white in my workplace (I'm South African) so it's not that I never had any exposure like most of the white race, which tends to keep to itself but pretends that it's the black man's next best friend. So it's skin colour that I always see first and foremost in a person because of these circumstances. However, it makes me uncomfortable in a way, when I read your blog, because I'm simply never aware of race.


Donald Douglas said...

Fish Eagle: I'm glad you like reading my blog. Your comment is interesting since I'm betting black South Africans are different from black Americans, some of whom are not that enjoyable to be around.

Dennis said...

One of the good things about spending time in the military is that one gets to meet and live with all kinds of people. One gets to see them all under the pressures that are part of being in the military.
It does not take long to understand that, for the most part, these are good people who have great potential especially when they work together and as individuals.
Leftists have had a controlling seat at the table of education, et al for a long time. They have controlled who got degrees and who did not based on, in many cases, ideology. Imagine their surprise when more and more truly educated people start challenging them at every level, especially those they thought were part of the educational plantation. Thou shalt not step off of the plantation.
It is treason for any minority or woman not to espouse the Leftist line. NOTE: It is never on facts, but on pejoratives that they attack those who do not toe the line. One is not a minority, woman et al.
Until there is a change towards balance and a reliance on factual concepts then this is what one is going to face. That it comes from people who are suppose to be the leading lights of academe does not speak well of them. It should be no surprise to you that this disdain would come from them at every level.

FishEagle said...

@DD, I certainly wish there were more people like us, both African and American.

Bartender Cabbie said...

Interesting post. I think it funny that a leftist would denigrate community college students. A lot of cc students are those that the left is supposed to champion. In my area the cc has the first two years of general curriculum that can transfer to any public university in the state. A whole lot cheaper than starting at a four year school. Also, and here is where it gets interesting, some of the "non college" programs such as chemical plant operator allows a student to train for a career that is technical and high paying. I would guess that many who go this route make much more in a lifetime than some egghead psuedo Marxist who is worried about "publishing" and attempting to prove that they are superior intellectuals. Some of these type folk should have learned to frame houses, work on cars, etc. etc. They may then be happier and not hate themselves so. I would guess that some of these leftist "intellectuals" are not smart enough to diagnose and fix an automobile. I guess they have no other choice than to spout drivel.
Mr. Douglas I would not worry much about of this stripe. Most are not near as smart as they like to think and make no real contribution to society. They know this and that is why they are so hateful to others. Self loathing is something to pity.
Trust me. I'm a cabbie.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I guess I'm one of those CC failures. Oh wait, I graduated from CSN with a 3.47 and then NSC with a 3.7 GPA and I now teach English at the high school level. Yea those community colleges do suck. And those professors really suck...

More often than not I found that the CC professors and teachers are better at their job than the ones at the 4 year level because they are there to do something novel, like say teach.

Bunch of id10ts... sheesh

Dennis said...


Interesting post. Community Colleges serve a very necessary function in education. It is where those who want to find out whether they have or want to complete a more formal education at a university can get quality teaching at a reasonable cost close to home or place of employment.
It also further prepares them for the work environment and a career.
One has to wonder about the intellectual capacity of an individual who thinks that getting a degree from a university makes them a success. I graduated with an graduate degree, but it is I who made me a success not the degree. The degrees may have provided tools, but I had to utilize them.
People utilize a vast myriad of tools in order to succeed and much of that may not include a degree from Harvard.
We used to call a lot of these people who think that a degree entitles them to success "educated idiots" because they had the degree, but not the wherewithal to grow and prosper. Is it any wonder why most businesses are not taking graduates from the "prestigious" educational institutions?
Wisdom does not come out of a book, university or advanced degrees. It comes from using all the tools one has garnered in order to make the right decisions, enjoy life, people as they are and become a better person.
Good life to you BC.

Donald Douglas said...

Great comments folks. I've had lots of students tell me they've have better teachers at community college.