Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Pale Scot at American Nihilist

I'm not sure, but I doubt that this is the original Pale Scot, since the author of the racist comments a BJ Keefe's didn't sign in with a Blogger account and appeared more sophisticated than this new "Pale Scot" comment at American Nihilist. Either way, it's just one more example of real live leftist racism, not the made up kind, for example, the alleged "racism" of my Obama gangsta posts. No. This is genuine:


I've commented a lot on this stuff recently, but I have to say: Everyone is way too freaked out over racism (see TrogloPundit on that). But if leftists are gonna go around attacking opponents of "racism" you'd at least expect them not to tolerate it at their own blogs. But they do, over and over again. So let me sum up: There's a difference between being "politically incorrect" and being "racist." I'm often very "politically incorrect," but never racist. Leftists uniformly attack "political correctness" as "racism," but they rarely --- if ever --- denounce the genuine racist white supremacism within their own ranks.

I think the folks at American Nihilist owe me an apology.

(Added: I've been actually trying to avoid these issues so as to focus on the elections, etc. But the recent attacks on myself and others, like Pamela Geller, have provided lots of material, so what can you do? It's just kinda funny how fast the leftist double-standards are revealed. These people hate. They have no values. They're freaks.)