Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day 2010

From the Marine Corps:
The nation's elite fighting force celebrates its 235th birthday on November 10th, 2010. Since the inception of the Marine Corps in 1775, thousands of brave men and women have answered a call to serve our country and protect its freedom.

And at Hardin County News-Enterprise, "America's Veterans Deserve Our Honor and Praise":
Today is Veterans Day, the holiday that honors military veterans for their service to the nation.

The tradition of setting aside a day to remember veterans dates back to the first World War. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918, the “war to end all wars” came to an end. Since that time, America has designated one day a year to honor those who strive to ensure the liberty the founding fathers sought to establish in a fledgling nation.

Throughout history, our veterans have endured numerous hardships – altered lifestyles, separation from family and friends, trepidation of war. All made sacrifices so that we could enjoy the freedoms we have today. Whether the nation is at war or peace, the contributions of veterans cannot, and must not, be forgotten.

Today, all across the nation, grateful Americans will celebrate and pay tribute to the men and women in uniform, and rightfully so. Residents will fly flags, play patriotic songs, march in parades and detail through countless speeches the heroic deeds of veterans who have given their all to defend freedom and democracy.
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