Monday, January 17, 2011

Dana Loesch Gets Death Threats in Wake of Arizona Shooting

From Dana on Twitter.

And on Facebook, "Another death threat from one of those tolerant, loving liberals who loves to preach about 'civility'."


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Defend Sarah if you must with your bullshit, but now you must answer

for your crap. Dana, there are now crosshairs on you. Enjoy looking

over your shoulder. Hey, this aint nothing that Sarah didnt do but you

just never know what the results may be. Enjoy looking twice over your


Crosshairs Jones
All of that from the tolerant left. And for what? Suggesting that there wasn't a thread of evidence tying Jared Loughner to Sarah Palin and the tea parties. Here's Dana on AC 360 on January 10:
ANDERSON COOPER: Dana, is this an opportunity to examine ourselves? Is that what's been happening?

DANA LOESCH, RADIO HOST/TEA PARTY ORGANIZER: Well, I think that the rhetoric -- the rhetoric has been the same as it has always been. Nothing has changed from now from the '60s until now. Everything has always been the same.

What we have to realize is that people can say what they want to on both sides, but we cannot excuse the fact that someone chooses to willfully interpret or perceive things how they want to. And again, there's no evidence at all whatsoever that this guy listened to talk radio or watched news programs on the right or the left.