Monday, January 17, 2011

Don Surber Says Screw Civil Discourse

You probably would too after being Photoshopped fucking a tailpipe:

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See, "I Do Not Want Civil Discourse" (at Memeorandum):
For two years now, I have been called ignorant, racist, angry and violent by the left. The very foul-mouthed protesters of Bush dare to now label my words as “hate speech.”

Last week, the left quickly blamed the right for the national tragedy of a shooting spree by a madman who never watched Fox News, never listened to Rush Limbaugh and likely did not know who Sarah Palin is.

Fortunately, the American public rejected out of hand that idiotic notion that the right was responsible.

Rather than apologize, the left wants to change the tone of the political debate.

The left suddenly wants civil discourse.

Bite me.
That goes on for a while, and rightly so. Be sure to RTWT.

See also, Instapundit, "
ANN ALTHOUSE: 'I guess Firedoglake is flouting the ‘civility’ bullshit that’s been bandied about lately'." Plus, Nice Deb, "Re: Civil Discourse," and iOWNTHEWORLD, "Civil Discord?"


Anonymous said...

wow. just, wow. that definitely brings an extra element of righteousness to his already righteous rant.