Friday, January 28, 2011

Time Magazine: Obama Loves Reagan

Now that's some change!

In November 2008, Time Magazine featured a cover of Barack Obama as FDR, "
The New New Deal." And the full article, "Obama's Agenda: Get America Back on Track."

Just over two years later, and a midterm election that utterly crushed the progressives' "New New Deal" agenda, Time Magazine has revised its radical agitprop with the latest cover story, "
The Role Model: What Obama Sees in Reagan":
At a glance, it's hard to imagine a President who had less in common with Reagan than the Ivy League lawyer from Hawaii who seeks larger federal investments, a bigger social safety net and new regulations for Wall Street and Big Oil. But under the surface, there is no mistaking Obama's increasing reliance on his predecessor's career as a helpful template for his own.
Such bullsh*t. There was never a Reagan template for the Obamunist.

American Glob has the outrage, "PROPAGANDA: Reagan and Obama On the Cover of TIME."

And iMaksim has the corrective, "
Obama Loves Reagan Parody":


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The Vegas Art Guy said...

What I don't understand is that there is another template he can follow. That of Clinton, I just hope that unlike Clinton, Obama can stay loyal to his wife.

But in all seriousness why does he not follow the Clinton model? He's looking more and more like one and done.