Saturday, March 5, 2011

The McCain-Collins Institute for Therapeutic Breast-Staring

While Scott Eric Kaufman is wallowing in progressive self-loathing, the boys of the babe-blogosphere have reached a consensus: The science of breast-staring has been settled.

See The Other McCain, "My Health Secret, Revealed!" And Dan Collins at POWIP, "Announcing the McCain-Collins Institute of Therapeutic Breast Staring."

And if anyone's not feeling well this morning, head over to Sports Illustrated for a pick-me-up with "
Kate Upton Bodypainting."

Mike at Cold Fury recognizes the achievements: "We all owe a great debt to the Collins-McCain Institute for their fine work in this exacting and exciting field of study."

Instapundit has the research: "STUDY: Staring At Breasts Increases Heart Health. I’m pretty sure this is just the same bogus report that resurfaces every couple of years. But why take chances?"


Dr. Clyde 'Fingers' Proctor, OB-SCAT said...

I have asked my colleagues at the Institute to hire you, Professor, to give lectures on the ‘Mammification Of America’, a subject I know you to be an expert and visionary on.

Linked to at:
The Proctor Report: Breast-Staring Is Good For Your Heart

Bartender Cabbie said...

I have long chaired the Bartender/Cabbie Asswatch Committee. Sounds kind like a leftist organization I know but in reality it is a left cheek/right cheek group of like minded individuals. Anyone can join.