Sunday, March 20, 2011

'The world hardly needs any more evidence that Barack Obama believes in the virtue of a disinterested and semi-retired American superpower'

A follow-up to: "The Absentee Administration: Obama Falls Silent Amid World Crises."

See Abe Greenwald, at Commentary:


The world hardly needs any more evidence that Barack Obama believes in the virtue of a disinterested and semi-retired American superpower. Fortunately, however, Hillary Clinton believes in Hillary Clinton. Finding herself attached to a calamitous and indefensible policy, she needed out. Instead of going down with the ship, she went rogue. First, “Clinton insiders” leaked against the White House. Then Hillary went full-hawk, saying that Muammar Qaddafi’s irrational and violent nature left the U.S. no choice but to support potential military action against him. “There are some creatures that are like that.”

Indeed there are, which seems to come as a shock to the Obama administration. America has a global responsibility, and it’s not to enforce the undergraduate code of political correctness and cultural relativism. It is doubtful that the world’s Muslims sleep more soundly knowing that the American president can approvingly cite a few Arab and Persian poets. That didn’t seem to matter to the young Egyptian democrats who snubbed Clinton in Cairo last month “based on her negative position from the beginning of the revolution and the position of the US administration in the Middle East,” or to the Libyan rebels who said Qaddafi’s triumph “will be on the international community’s conscience,” or to the Iranian protesters who in June of 2009 asked of Barack Obama, “Are you with us or with the regime?” America’s global responsibility is to act, when it can, to safeguard human rights against “creatures” like Qaddafi.
This is a great piece. If there's an argument to made in favor of American decline --- a doubtful proposition from the structural perspective --- President Obama certainly provides evidence than agency plays a powerful role in manifest examples of diminished American preeminence.

IMAGE CREDIT: iMaksim, "Obama: Golf, Basketball, and Leisure."


Norm said...

Obama dallied and delayed long enough for Qaddafi to organize a counter attack. Obama has no beef with Qaddafi who is well respected by Rev Wright and Minister Farrakan, people Obama pays attention to. Who would have thought that the French and British would get off their duffs and demand action? Into the vacumn of leadership comes chaos.

Larry Sheldon said...

Picture obviously drawn by somebody with no clue.

Obama would NEVER be seen in public with that much blue and white in his clothing. And where is the yellow?

smitty1e said...

You triggered a different comparison, sir.

Dennis said...

It is difficult to go anywhere on the internet and not just smile at the pain of the Left and watching the Obama lovers try and deal with all that hope and change, NOT.
With as much of the moral high ground they tried to grab one had to know they were going to be "hoisted on their own petard." Reality is a "bitch" as they say.
It is fun to watch them moan and groan as almost every thing they stand for seeps into the ooze. At least they will not be unfamiliar with their surroundings.
One just has to laugh when reality "bites" them in the end. At this rate Obama may be responsible for more Arab and Muslim deaths that any other president or leader. Ironic isn't it.
Weakness always leads to having to use force because those who would have responded to strength think one does not have the courage to take evil on so will push until there is no other option.

mRed said...

Yeah, but the real question is who didn't know what and when didn't they know it?

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Then there may be hope.