Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Follow-Up on Congressman Allen West

Allen West was scheduled for a Monday fundraiser in the O.C. this week, but the event was cancelled due to the ongoing budget negotiations in Washington. West is tentatively committed to an October fundraiser, so I'm crossing my fingers for that. He's a good man and it was my honor to meet him at CPAC last February.

Rep. Allen West

So following up on my post last night, "Rep. Allen West Slams Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Over 'Vile' Comments on Floor of House of Representatives."

The Hill has this, "Wasserman Schultz brushes off West email." (At Memeorandum.)

One the things I admire about Allen West is his willingness to stand up to progressive abuse. At town hall meetings he's challenged malicious attackers, people making false allegations of "racism," etc. He's repeatedly rebuked the left's thuggery and violent intimidation. And you know what, people don't like that he's standing up. In response to West's Wasserman Schultz smackdown, James Joyner posts a tiny little hit piece, "Allen West is an Embarrassment." James uses West's Iraqi interrogation incident to take a cheap shot, writing:
Somehow, he persuaded people that he was a war hero and rode that to Congress–despite the local Veterans of Foreign Wars endorsing his opponent.

You don't get elected to Congress without the approval of the voters, and West's rigorous bearing must have satisfied his constituents. West has taken responsibility for his actions and said he'd do what the moment required if faced with the same circumstances today. That's called integrity in my book.

Meanwhile, the boys at Outside the Beltway take cheap shots from the bleachers, while the terrorists abroad and progressives at home slap high fives at the useful idiots doing their bidding.


James said...

I'm not understanding your argument here.

Jed Babbin, who you link, shares my view that Allen disgraced his uniform and is not a war hero.

The fact that West got elected, against a Democratic opponent who was an even bigger flake than him, doesn't change that. Indeed, you and I can both name a dozen or more Congressmen who got elected by the people and were nonetheless unfit to serve.

As to your close, how is calling out West for juvenile slanders unbefitting a Congressman help the jihadists? It's an absurd claim.

AmPowerBlog said...

I notice your don't address this, James:

'West has taken responsibility for his actions and said he'd do what the moment required if faced with the same circumstances today. That's called integrity in my book.'

You took a cheap shot and got called out. Rep. West is an admirable Member of Congress. No doubt Outside the Beltway could use half as much credibility.

Sarge Charlie said...

Holy Crap, Allen disgraced his uniform and is not a war hero, the man saved the lives of his men and immediately turned himself in for his actions.

Steadfast and Loyal, my kind of soldier, my kind of hero.

dave in boca said...

I had lunch with Col. West last summer to discuss working for him in the fall election, but subsequently got a serious eye disease and had to demur. He is truly an honorable man and might have saved several lives with his so-called 'dishonorable act' in Iraq. He was done in by the same PC cowards in DC who infest the Armed Forces looking for ways to weaken America overseas. Yep, they're there, usually Army legal beagles trying to further their career stateside during their short stint in a safe bolt-hole in Baghdad for a year.

Col. West was correct in calling out the nasty vicious invective Wasserman-Slutz specializes in. A kid I mentor in Arabic studies worked as her staff aide in
DC for a semester in his off-year from Dartmouth. He had nothing to say about the experience.

RINOs and libtards both want to undercut West, whoseo integrity and calling-out of liberal BS and obloquy are in sharp contrast to the limp-wristed "We just want to get along..." wimpiness of losers like Sen. Graham of S.C. and other RINO misfits.

I salute Col West and wouldn't mind him on the bottom half of the ticket in 2012. He'd certainly be an improvement over the silly dolt we have as VP at the moment.

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Sarge. That means a lot.