Wednesday, August 10, 2011

W. James Casper H8® — Was That Wrong?

The jokes write themselves. After years of fully-documented and systematic stalking and harassment, hatemonger white supremacist W. James Casper H8® has written yet another comedy manifesto attempting to slither out from under his programmatic campaign of hatred and harassment: "Workplace Harassment - (btdt FAQ files)."

And actually, no need to even read the whole thing. Laughingstock Racist = Repsac3 is the blogosphere's George Costanza: "Was That Wrong?"

Stalking, sponsoring workplace intimidation, recruiting attackers against my economic livelihood, posting my college administration's contact information with directions to harass, and hosting commenters spiking the football after workplace contacts: Was that wrong? Oh no, not at all, if you've got the situational ethics of the progressive nihilists. ASFLs. These are the exact same kind of people who'll strip you to your shorts and rob you blind. Fuckers. Don't ever knuckle under to these asshats. Never submit to the mob.