Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher Trolls the Internet to Track Down Those Who Kicked His Ass in the 'Wombshifter' Controversy

This is weird.

Jim Treacher emailed this morning:
Jim Treacher
date Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 8:56 AM

subject Are you "D"?

The guy at Sissy Willis's blog who called me a liar and impugned my motives for daring to disagree with him. If so, no big deal. Just wondering.
He's talking about Sissy's page: "Greta Van Susteren takes Tucker Carlson to the woodshed." After a couple of iterations, I asked Treacher, "Why are you contacting me out of the blue"? And he writes back, "I didn't contact you out of the blue. I contacted you because you talked shit about me elsewhere, referring to Sissy's comments." Treacher provides no link, so I write back: "Yes, you're contacting me out of the blue. As I said, you're not on my radar. Send me the elsewhere comment you're citing and we'll talk about it. I don't recall." Then, a bit later, after Treacher trolls back trough all the comment threads he's been trolling, he sends this, from William Jacobson's:
‘Does anyone know if Treacher trolled other sites?’

Actually, I had no idea, but Treacher was all up in arms in the comments at Sissy Willis’ blog, when she blogged on Tucker Carlson, etc...
I guess Treacher got all up in arms at me pointing out that he was all up in arms over at Sissy Willis' place. Yeah, the dude's got it bad. He's been obsessing endlessly since the "wombshifter" story broke, desperately defending his boss, perhaps in a last-gasp bid to save his job (if indeed Daily Caller's on the ropes). And he's getting on people's nerves. See William Jacobson's update, for example: "Someone tell The Daily Caller to stop digging."

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Unknown said...

Are you going to be okay? I certainly didn't mean to upset you.

Skye said...

Too much time on your hands?

MaroonedinMarin said...

Jim: What's with all the trolling on blogs. Instead of attacking Dan Riehl at my blog you could have addressed him directly. Here's some free advice for you and Tucker....when you're in a hole, stop digging. Was the whole story newsworthy? Yes. Did the DC screw up in how they covered it? Yes. How about asking why ESPN seems to think attacks on Palin and violent sexualizing of her from a convicted rapist (or any woman for that matter) is OK, but they have a problem when one of their analysts mocks Obama's golf.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Marooned, if there is one thing that Medlock has demonstrated over the course of this brouhaha it is that he does not do substance. He only does denial, deflection, and snark.