Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Smear: MSNBC Hack Ed Schultz Slurs Tea Partiers as 'Sewer Rats' — Assploding Hypocrite W. James Casper Hardest Hit!

From Radio Equalizer (via Randy's Roundtable):

Walter James Casper III got all butthurt for being called out as a rabid anti-Semite ---  and that's on top of his history of sponsoring white supremacist hate rantings at his attack blog. Racist Repsac3 is whining about how "poor Donald" is so hateful --- HATEFUL, WAAAHHH!! --- but the idiot never has a word of condemnation for his sick puppy progressive allies, like loser Ed Schultz who slurred good people AS A GROUP just days before Christmas. That's bigotry.

Frankly, politics doesn't stop for the holidays, but if you're a pathetic racist anti-Semitic Occupy-endorsing Jew-bashing neo-commie, it's par for the course. Freakin' assploding hypocrite bigot. Walter James Casper III is despicable.