Thursday, May 3, 2012

Conservative MP Louise Mensch Condemns 'Misogyny and Bullying' on Twitter

Well, the left's war on women knows no borders.

At Telegraph UK, "Louise Mensch MP exposes shameful bullying of women on Twitter after personal attacks":
Conservative MP Louise Mensch has condemned "misogynistic" internet trolls after being inundated with online abuse, including sexist insults, sexually graphic comments and violent threats.
Louise Mensch
The insults, most of which are too explicit to be repeated, included references to her appearance, sexuality and even threatened criminal violence.

Some other accused her of engaging an intimate relationship with Rupert Murdoch while others speculated crudely as to whether they found her attractive.

The comments, made on Twitter and including a vast array of sexist name-calling, have provoked a wave of outrage on the social media website, as supporters leapt to her defence.

Mrs Mensch, who condemned the criticism as “misogyny and bullying”, has now highlighted some of the choice comments herself in a bid to expose online trolls.

In doing so, she told her 50,000 followers: “Women too often shamed into silence. Sod it.”

Using the hashtag #feminism, she said: “I've added a few more favourite tweets to show the misogny. I could do this all day.”

She told one abuser: “It’s misogyny. You should be ashamed of yourself. I suppose you consider yourself left-wing and progressive do you?”

After receiving support from hundreds of commentators, she later wrote: “Wow. Thank you all Twitter for the support. I appreciate it.

“It happens to so many women. I just grabbed some examples.”
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PHOTO CREDIT: Louise Mensch MP.