Thursday, June 14, 2012

Scott Brown Hits Back Against Elizabeth Warren's J.P. Morgan Allegations: She's Failed the Test of 'Truthfulness and Credibility and Honesty'

The full video is at Fox News, "Big business blame game heats up Mass. Senate race."

And at National Journal, "Brown, Warren Scrap Over Native American Controversy":

In a fight to keep his Senate seat in Massachusetts, Republican Scott Brown lashed out Thursday at Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren, saying she failed the test of “truthfulness and credibility and honesty” as evidenced by her past claims about her Native American heritage.

On Fox News, Brown responded to a statement Warren made about him being too cozy with Wall Street: “When you're running for elective office … you have to pass a test and the test is about truthfulness and credibility and honesty. And quite frankly she's failed that test as evidenced by her claiming to be a Native American and checking the box and making misrepresentations to not only Harvard but Penn.

He added: “She can rewrite her own history but she can’t rewrite mine.”

Warren has been dogged by claims about her Native American heritage. After initially claiming ignorance on the matter, Warren later admitted identifying herself as Native American while on the faculty at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. She said she did not use her Cherokee heritage to help get those jobs, but made the claims after she was hired. Her statements have come under criticism because she has thus far been unable to substantiate them.

Warren defended herself on Thursday, however, saying that by concentrating on the Native American controversy, Brown was trying to distract from the issues.
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And see Legal Insurrection for Elizabeth Brown's comments: "Elizabeth Warren: “I’m not backing off from my family” on Cherokee claim."