Friday, August 17, 2012

Reaganite Repubican Hates Kim Kardashian!

My good friend Reaganite took issue with my recent Kim Kardashian blogging:
This one never did anything for me - NO class...
And I responded:
Are you kidding, she's got a body that won't quit!
And Reaganite replies:
More plastic in her than your wife's Honda lol...
My wife drives the Jeep, actually, but that's beside the point, ha!

Frankly, I thought Kim was all natural.

It turns out she's posted some old Playboy pics for her Flashback Friday tweets, seen at London's Daily Mail, "Now Kim Kardashian digs out racy behind-the-scenes snaps from 2007 Playboy shoot for another tweet treat." I'm not seeing the silicone, but then again, Robert Stacy McCain's the expert, not me.

And Kim's also been tweeting some Hawaii vacation pics:

Kim Kardashian

They say Kim's getting marriage-serious with Kanye (complete with the high-profile denials), so the dirtbag digs do have some credibility. But as long as she keeps tweeting those hot bikini bod pics, I'm down for some Rule 5 blogging on that.