Saturday, September 22, 2012

End of Summer Rule 5

September 22, the last day of summer, today.

It's hot out in the O.C., but fall is upon is and the leaves will be falling and we'll be bundling up in the evenings before you know it.

First, thanks to Proof Positive for the linkage.


And I'm linking Bob Belvedere, even though I don't see his Saturday Rule 5 posted yet. He's got a lot of great content and worth checking out.

Plus, at The Other McCain, "OMG! @ParisHilton Gets Wrongly Tagged ‘H8R’ for Talking About Gay Sex." I posted on that as well, ICYMI, "Paris Hilton Apologizes for Slamming Homosexual Men as Disgusting Pervs Probably Infected With AIDS."

And speaking of disgusting pervs, The Daley Gator's got your O'Biden coverage, "Joe (Captain Gaffetastic) Biden On Cheerleaders: “The Stuff They Do On Hard Wood, It Blows My Mind”."

Some bona fide Rule 5 at Randy's Roundtable, "Thursday Nite Tart: Andi Muise." And at Pirate's Cove, "If All You See…is a planet killing dog, you might just be a Warmist."

More Rule 5 from our friend Odie, "I Love Blonds ~ OR ~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style." (Very nice Rule 5 indeed!)

Also at Eye of Polyphemus, "Sonja Bennett." And from EBL, "Rule 5 Twitter Retweet."

I'll have more later.

Meanwhile, it turns out Chicago Ray's taking an indefinite retirement from blogging: "Gone Fishin' Indefinitely."

That dude's old school, been blogging for a long time. He'll be back. He's a patriot. You don't quit the fight when so much is on the line, our culture, our civilization, our decency.

Add your links in the comments to be added at the updates.

Have a great last day of summer! (Or first day of fall, but enjoy it nevertheless.)

PHOTO CREDIT: Ms. Brooke on Facebook.