Saturday, October 20, 2012

France 24's Sonia Dridi Sexually Assaulted in Cairo's Tahrir Square

Ho hum. Another female reporter in Cairo, another Islamic rape.

Sonia Dridi
Blazing Cat Fur reports, "Muslims Sexually Assault French Reporter Sonia Dridi In Tahrir Square."

Also at Atlas Shrugs, "Uh oh ..... France 24 says its reporter "savagely" attacked in Tahrir Square # savage #mysubwayad":
The dhimmis at France 24 actually reported that one of their female reporters was "savagely attacked."

Where are the methodist women, and the liberal rabbis, and the interfaith coalitions lambasting France 24 and the female journalist for her lack of tolerance?
Also at Instapundit, "EGYPTIAN MOB VIOLENCE":
Yet another Western woman—Sonia Dridi, a journalist for France 24 TV—was seized and assaulted by a mob in Cairo. Fortunately she wasn’t harmed as badly as Lara Logan was last year. She credits someone named Ashraf Khalil, whom I presume is her fixer, for getting her out of there.
Well, it's springtime in Egypt!