Sunday, October 21, 2012

'It's becoming increasingly obvious that Silver can't be taken seriously...'

This is hilarious. Another blogger takes Nate Silver to the woodshed!

At Draw and STRIKE!, "Why You Can't Take FiveThirty-Eight's Nate Silver Seriously."

When I got that Memeorandum thread the other day my blog was inundated with Nate Silver truthers! I was joking on Twitter that Silver's giving Ron Paul a run for his money with the unhinged conspiracists. ROTLMFAO!

Checking the post, here's a knee slapper:
Yes, calling someone names and questioning their mental status is a logical way to critique the statistical, rational thought of a purely mathematical ideology. Since it works so well, I'll try it. DOnald, you are a tool. How do you like that douche bag?
There's more like that at the post. Those progs sure don't like it when you mock their heroes.