Wednesday, November 14, 2012

President Obama's Benghazi Press Conference

The New York Times reports, "Obama Is Pressed on Petraeus and Holds Line on Taxes."

But I watched the clip and was wholly unimpressed. Most reporters called on by the president threw softball questions. Ed Henry came up with a fairly penetrating query but Obama just won't take serious questions seriously. He finagles and punts and finds ways to prevaricate. His main response to any question on Benghazi is that it's still under investigation and he can't comment --- which is another way of saying he won't answer any questions that get too close to the truth. The most dramatic moment is of course Jonathan Karl's question on Ambassador Susan Rice. Clearly the president needed a teleprompter on that one. Sean Hannity destroyed the president on Benghazi on his program tonight and I'll find that clip of that and post it later. The best news today is in fact the Republican senators' press conference this morning, and especially the comments from Senator Lindsay Graham. I'll have more on that later as well. Meanwhile, there's a number of articles at Memeorandum. The administration's Libya narrative has a thousand holes in it. There's simply no credibility on this in the White House. But politically, the president's achieved reelection and there would never be votes for removal from office in the case of impeachment in the U.S. Senate. Indeed, that talk today at the senators' press conference is how Majority Leader Harry Reid will undoubtedly sabotage the investigation. This is the state of democracy, and it's not good. More later...