Friday, December 21, 2012

Althouse Not Down With the Left's 'Civility Bullshit'

I expect the Loomis meltdown is winding down by now (he's back on Twitter, hilariously), but folks are still getting in a few good laughs.

It turns out Althouse had some concise yet excellent comments the other day:
As for Loomis, I lean heavily toward academic freedom, freedom of speech, and the comprehension of metaphor, but against the hypocrisy that for purposes of this blog goes under the tag "civility bullshit" and against the appropriation of a child massacre for diversion and propaganda.
Well, they're double-talking neanderthals, but what else is new? Robert Stacy McCain reacts to Althouse, "Occupy Althouse? (The Zero-Sum Error)."

Hmm. "Occupy Althouse"? An interesting thing.

More later...