Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fabulous Kelly Brook Bikini Pics!

Craig Ramsey sent me this via Twitter. I've never heard of the website at that link, so unless you're on Apple, click through at your own risk.

Kelly Brook

On the safer side, see this huge roundup at London's Daily Mail, "She's looking just rosy! Kelly Brook shows off her impressive curves as she models new bikini line."

She's gained weight. And it shows in the upstairs department. At this point it's a countdown for how long Ms. Brooks will be able to continuing modeling the way she does. I don't get the sense she takes care of her body with the same fastidiousness as, say, Cindy Crawford. I'm not complaining. She's more than ten years younger than the latter. But still. Seems like the hotties come and go rather quickly sometimes. Brooks' 15 minutes could well be about up.