Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chillin' in Santa Monica and Venice Beach

I wasn't expected to be heading up to Santa Monica yesterday.

My oldest son comes into my room a little after Noon and asks, "Dad, will you take me up to Santa Monica so I can hang out with my friends?" I'm like, "Hey, you think that's a little far?" (We live close to an hour's drive South, in Irvine.) So I had my boy check with my wife to see if she thought that wasn't too much, and she was cool, so off we went.

Here's the Third Street Promenade. My boys are at left:

Venice photo photo54_zps245ab792.jpg

My oldest boy took off to have lunch with his friends (at Hooters, it turns out). So I took my little guy to Johnny Rockets. It was packed. We sat at the lunch counter stools at the back side. That's my son's reflection behind our vanilla shakes:

 photo photo110_zps13ac298c.jpg

I love the Apple Store at the Third Street Promenade! It's freakin' huge, like a gymnasium. And you're not bugged by the sales associates every two minutes. Products everywhere:

 photo photo36_zpsfdc8dd23.jpg

American Power!

 photo photo28_zpse96b5447.jpg

Heading over to Venice  Beach after lunch, greeted by Jim Morrison:

 photo photo44_zps59a71cb4.jpg

Here's the skatepark:

 photo photo53_zps2dff4bb4.jpg

This dude had some skills:

 photo photo19_zps0f7ee841.jpg

And this lady skater was freakin' hot. Great style, reminiscent of the surf-skaters of the '70s:

 photo photo27_zps8019faff.jpg

Here's the awesome bookstore and sidewalk cafe. That's where I'd be chillin' most of the time:

 photo photo35_zps5bdebe08.jpg

After hanging out at the bookstore, as well as the skateboard shop next door, we run into the Sperminator on the way back to the van:

 photo photo31_zps3eb85b3c.jpg

Folks were getting stoned up and down the boardwalk, and a bong shop was located right next to the bookstore. So as we were leaving, my son says, "That guy's sign says 'No meth! No crack! No homo!" You gotta love it. No Deranged Left Wing Bakers either!

 photo photo43_zps7b8d171f.jpg

Here we are back at the Apple Store waiting for my oldest son to meet up so we can head back to the O.C.

 photo photo52_zpsa2506d91.jpg

I have some photos from the Tesla showroom at the Promenade as well, and will post some of those later...