Sunday, July 21, 2013

Communists Protest Police Brutality in Anaheim — #JusticeForTrayvon

The background is here, "Justice for Trayvon Martin! Shut Down the Racist System!," and "Communists March Against Police Brutality in Anaheim!"

He was interviewed at the Los Angeles Times, "Police-related shootings focus of Anaheim protest march Sunday":
"This is not just the anniversary of the murder of Manuel Diaz," said Mike Prysner, a self-described activist from Los Angeles who is helping to organize the march. "It's also the anniversary of Anaheim being brought into the national and international spotlight as a center of police brutality."
There's more at the Times, "Anaheim marchers mark one-year anniversary of police shooting."

Robert Stacy McCain has this at Viral Read as well:

And my coverage on Twitter:

I just caught the 6:00pm broadcast at KABC7 Eyewitness News, and I'll update when that clip becomes available. Plus, I'll be trolling for other updates on Twitter, YouTube and what not.