Friday, August 16, 2013

David Horowitz Responds to Diana West

And to her supporters.

At Big Government, "What Difference Does It Make?' A Response to Diane West":
Let me be perfectly clear: There is no disagreement between West and us over whether the Roosevelt administration was infiltrated by Soviet agents, or whether pro-Soviet dupes and fellow-travelers were influential and affected administration policy. Radosh and other conservative historians whom West chooses to trash actually pioneered the work of tracking these Soviet agents and pro-Soviet influences, and analyzing their impact. There is also no disagreement about the infiltration of the Obama administration by Islamists or the Obama-Hillary support for the Muslim Brotherhood, America’s mortal enemy. The issue between us is not political in this sense, and it would be helpful if West and her followers would acknowledge that and stop treating our disagreement as political treason.

The real question for us is this: Does it matter if conservatives regard Lend-Lease and D-Day as Soviet plots, and describe allied wartime decisions--however mistaken--as being orchestrated not by Roosevelt and Churchill and their generals, but by Joseph Stalin?
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It's his utter condescension that bothers me, but the whole thing should be winding down by now.

I'll be reading more widely on these issues now (the left's treachery), so that's one upside of the debate.

Added: Diana's got a new piece up at WND, "In Defense of My Livelihood."