Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday #Rule5

Here's the long-awaited Rule 5 roundup I've been meaning to get posted (my last roundup is here).

I've been busy with semester grading, plus I'm going to be speaking on campus next week on the left's attacks on the Koch brothers' group, ALEC. So, I'm sadly behind on the lovely babe blogging.

Here's last week's entry at the Other McCain, to get things rolling, "Rule 5 Sunday: Double-Stuf Veterans Day Weekend Edition." (And click over there for updates.)

 photo 1e5872b5-5b69-4239-83a1-cccac2cad147_zpsbdf2096a.jpg
Now, over at Pirate's Cove, "Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup," and "If All You See……is a wonderful wooden bench made to overlook a changing climate which changes because someone cut down a tree to make the evil bench, you might just be a Warmist."

And at Camp of the Saints, "Rule 5 News: 09 November 2013 A.D."

From Wirecutter, "Your (Belated) Good Morning Girl."

Also Daley Gator, "DaleyGator DaleyBabes: Stephanie Fantauzzi."

And In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World has the "Friday Pinups."

EBL has, "Retro Halloween Advertisement Rule 5."

Now from Wine, Women, and Politics as well, "The Weekend Sweetie Pics."

From Blackmailers Don't Shoot, "Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Rima Fakih Edition."

And from the Regular Right Guy, "Shocker! Miley Cyrus Smokes Dope!!!"

Plus, from Drunken Stepfather, "Steplinks of the Day."

And at a View From the Beach, "Shockingly, Brazilian Model Admits to Horrible Taste in Men, Music."

At 90 Miles From Tyranny, "Morning Mistress," and "Girls With Guns."

And at Randy’s Roundtable, "Thursday Nite Tart - Nell McAndrew."

Postal Dogs, "Rule 5 Sunday: Ella, pt. 2."

Subject to Change, "Melons."

At Proof Positive, "SF 49er's Vs. New Orleans Saints," and "Best of the Web* Linkaround."

More at Reaganite Republican, "B-League Beauty Pageants: 'Miss Bikini Universe 2013'!"

Also at Odie's, "Shampoo ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style."

First Street Journal has, "Rule 5 Blogging: Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson."

At COED, "Happy Birthday to Gemma Atkinson! [PHOTOS]" (via Linkiest).

Good Stuff's has "Elly Tran Ha."

See also, the Hostages, "Big Boob Friday," and "Big Boob Eva Wants to Know if You’re In."

Plus, special guest star, Blazing Cat Fur, "Attention Agriculturists : German Farm Girls Calendar 2014 Is Here."

Drop your links in the comments of I've missed your Rule 5.

Until then...