Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bwahaha! Robert Stacy McCain Eviscerates Egghead Avatar Hate-Troll Walter James Casper III

I had no idea, but yesterday I slept in as I usually do, and it was probably early afternoon before I even checked my Twitter feed and my SiteMeter. And what do you know? Nothin' but hilarious lulz when I saw Robert Stacy McCain's epic smackdown of the reviled obsessive stalking hate-troll Walter James Casper III, a.k.a Repsac3.

See, "Portrait of a Stalker Troll: @Repsac3, Also Known as Walter James Casper III."

Even better has been the lulz on Twitter:

Now, this might deserve another post, but I'll append it here for now, but once again, with his psychotic ramblings in response to Robert Stacy McCain's glorious beatdown, demented troll Walter James Casper also reminded us that he's a pathological liar. (I should probably create a tag for "Demented Psycho Liars" just for Repsac, but as it turns out you hit the motherload searching the nav-bar for "James Casper Liar." Seriously, every other word that comes out of this guy's mouth's a f-king lie. And I hate liars, which is one of the main reasons I hate communists. They're disgusting liars, and in Repsac's case, a disgusting liar and communist, but that goes without saying. Here's just one for reference, "W. James Casper is a Coward, a Fraud, and a Liar.")

It turns out that the butt-hurt has been so bad that hate-addled Reppy's literally been online 24-7 obsessively attempting to shoot down all the hammering snark that's been ripping him apart all over the web. The thread at Robert Stacy McCain's is so funny you have to stop and hold your side! Repsac's so stupid. Folks have been DMing me with even more lulz slamming the asshole. Zilla was rolling at how Repsac "soiled himself" in the comments at the Other McCain. I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a hate-filled psycho douchebag.

Nowhere are there better lulz than at "Hate-sac's" own dung-hole stalk-blog, American Nihilist. The repulsive and proven liar Carl Salonen, one of Repsac's key blog-stalking allies, wondered how "Speedo" (Robert Stacy McCain) "noticed [Donald's post] you if you hadn't said word boo to him or AssProf in months?" And on cue, hate-troll Casper lies through his sh*t-stained teeth in response, "In all the years that AssProf has been lashing out, this is the first time Speedo has ever deigned to take any obvious notice of Don's lil obsession." I admit even being surprised at how carelessly racist Repsac's willing to spew lies. It's actually breathtaking, especially since Repsac himself is so obsessive-compulsive he's actually recorded the times that Robert Stacy McCain has taken "obvious notice" of Casper's deranged stalking.

Here's the tweet from December 10, 2012:

And then on Casper's stalk-blog he psychotically records the moment on the very next day, "IRT: This Twitter post) - Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 6:00 AM - American Power: Epic Loser Walter James Casper III 'Isn't a Very Effective User' of Twitter..."

Clearly not only is Repsac a demented troll and pathological liar, he's not very smart. Why keep an objectively obsessive-compulsive record of every thing that your target's written about you online if you can't even be bright enough to cite those mentions in later iterations when you're trying to destroy your enemy? It's like the old saying goes, "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."

And if that's not enough, Walter James Casper is one of the key trolls who's responsible for the "troll rights theory" of stalking and harassment, and Robert Stacy McCain links to my report on Casper's stalking here, "Imaginary ‘Rights’ You Don’t Have, You Sad and Disgusting Troll, Bill Schmalfeldt."

Now I admit, these are gobsmackingly "obvious" examples of the numerous times that Robert Stacy McCain has taken notice of the repulsive Casper. Indeed, Robert doesn't like Casper at all it turns out, and has thrown down a warning in the comments:
Tell you what, Casper: You go nurse your hurts in your own dark corner of the Internet and don't give me another excuse to take notice of you. That's gonna be a win-win, see? Because I've got no shortage of weirdos to pay attention to, and you really don't want me on your case.
Now, if he were smart (he's not, of course, but bear with me), Walter James Casper would probably steer clear of Robert Stacy McCain, particularly regarding the comments. Because while I've recommended that hate-troll Casper be banned wherever he shows his horrifically ugly mug, Robert's not one to ban people outright. He likes his stalkers to leave attack trails and comments that end up providing enough rope for them to hang themselves. And with all that Robert's going through these days --- and I'm talking not just about the Kimberlin harassment and lawsuits, but also all the normal hard-left attacks that conservatives deal with from the psycho left on a daily basis --- I'd be the last person to push my luck with him when he lays down a clear warning to back the f-k off.

Years ago, a reader of my blog had resources from one of those background research sources that for a fee will provide personal information on people. The reader sent me a file on Repsac. I think it even included a photo of his home in Mastic, New York, which I gather is on Long Island (or that included a link to a photo online). If I recall it was an older one story home, apparently on a street corner, with a large-trunk tree on the front lawn. The place looked kinda run down. That's the basic description, if memory serves me. Not sure. There was a street address as well. There was other information too, about family members. I already know where Casper went to high school and (surprisingly, because he's so retarded) college. Some of this information is easily found just by a quick search for "Repsac3" on Google. But some is definitely proprietary. Basically, hate-addled Walter James Casper's ripe for a doxing. And not just a quick Internet search doxing. We're talking about a full professional investigation-style doxing. All this is speculation, but hey, stalkers do face consequences sometimes, and if anyone deserves the honors it's the universally reviled Repsac3. Frankly, what pisses people off is not only that Repsac's a despicable troll (truly evil, in fact), but that he maintains a stalking hate-blog along the lines of Breitbart Unmasked.

These are all just ruminations and speculation, but you never can be too careful.

In any case, I'll probably need some additional posting to catalog both the epic lulz and the endless lies. Here I'll just conclude with a couple of the objective truths from the commenters at the Other McCain:
Casper & Schamlfeldt: separated at birth? (And may God have mercy on any womb that birthed them...) -- Texlovera.
Get a life ... Your whole blog is about DOUG [Donald Douglas]. You're just a crazy moonbat. You must be bored out of your damned skull. Have you thought about getting some meds for this psychosis? -- Mad Jewess Woman.
Hell, even some folks I know on medication understand that ignoring is the best policy. Or at the very least understand that being a creepy stalker is not a good thing. Just sayin'. -- La Pucelle.
That's all for now, lol.