Friday, January 17, 2014

University of North Carolina Suspends Athlete Illiteracy Research by Mary Willingham

I've covered this story quite a bit.

And now Business Week reports, "Scandal Bowl: UNC Suspends Research by Academic Fraud Whistle-Blower":

The most outrageous scandal infecting the business of big-time college sports just took a turn for the much worse. The University of North Carolina, famed for its outstanding academics and championship-winning basketball team, announced late Thursday that it had suspended research on athlete literacy by Mary Willingham.

A campus tutor employed by the university, Willingham has done more than anyone else to shed light on classroom corruption at Chapel Hill related to keeping sports stars eligible to play. The shadow cast on her research speaks volumes about the university’s unwillingness to come to terms with the undermining of academic standards in the service of athletics.
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And see Glenn Reynolds, at USA Today, "Higher education, lower standards."