Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Outraged Murrieta Patriots Protest Illegal Alien Onslaught, Block Amnesty Buses! — #SecureTheBorder

My good friend Douglas Gibbs, and his crew of local patriots in Murrieta, Ca., are on the front lines of the illegal alien crisis and they're not taking it anymore.

Here's Doug's post on not just the constitutional crisis, but the Third World disease epidemic spiraling over our borders, "Illegal Immigration Bio-Warfare."

Check that link.

Turns out Murrieta's patriot community has been holding protests, demanding that city leaders stem the tide. Most dramatically, they've blocked illegal aliens from unloading at the Murrieta Border Control compound.

Here's the background, at the Riverside Press-Enterprise, "IMMIGRATION: Debate continues over plan to use Murrieta facility." And at NBC Southern California, "Protesters Block Bus Carrying Immigrants."

And a video from CBS/KCAL News Los Angeles, "KCAL9's Tom Wait reports the Mayor Alan Long tried to reassure constituents their safety is not in jeopardy during a community meeting Monday":

MORE at Director Blue, "ROLL OUT THE WELCOME MAT: Ready for a Flood of Illegals to be Dumped in Your City or Town? By Tori Richards."

UPDATE: Linked at the Mad Jewess Woman's blog: "#SecureTheBorder - Americans Block Buses In California Transporting Diseased, Illegal Occupiers." Thanks!

ADDED: At the Los Angeles Times, "Protesters in #Murrieta block detainees' buses in tense standoff."