Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dylann Roof, Southern Democrat Throwback, is Drug-Addled 'Wannabe Emo Anarchist' with Androgynous Haircut

First of all, thank goodness the suspect is in police custody and unable to mount any new racist attacks.

The main story's at Charleston's Globe and Courier, "Suspect in Charleston church shooting arrested in North Carolina traffic stop."

And see "Charleston shooting suspect: White supremacy patches, Confederate flag, drug arrest."

Also at Memeorandum.

It turns out the suspect, Dylann Roof, is an ideological amalgam of old-line Southern segregationist Democrat KKK white supremacy combined with 21st century emo-progressive-anarchist sensibilities. Top that off with a horrendous androgynous emo bowl cut and a drug arrest, and you've got a poster child for new age leftist counter-culture abomination.

The guy is a product of the Democrat Party and contemporary moody emo-oriented pop-cultural leftism. As commenter firstHat points out at Althouse:
Sorry, that isn't the hair cut of a good ole boy. It's the haircut of an wannabe Emo Anarchist more interested in how he looks to the world than anything else. Waiting for the next shoe to drop (somewhere outside the earshot of the Main Scream Media no doubt).
All these pro-Obama leftists online whining about white supremacy need to take a good look in the mirror and face the logical outgrowth of their decades-long ideological agitation and hatred. From 1960s-era racial segregation to modern racist, Israel-bashing ideological extremism, the dude Roof is perfectly at home on the far-left of the political spectrum. He's a product of the left. He's a Democrat terrorist, just like the Klan terrorists of the Democrat Party South.

Democrat Party photo 99924bbc-5350-460e-8cc1-b7d3540470ed_zps91f59586.jpg

The kid is a classic leftist loser, stuck in the racist stereotypes of the Democrat Party South, with a confused androgynous moody identity. Turns out he was something of a loner as well.

I've never met a conservative like this, but far-left emo anarcho-progressives like this are a dime a dozen. Hopefully their parents don't buy them guns for their 21st birthday.

ADDED: According to Kathy Shaidle, an "instant classic," from Jim Goad on Adam Lanza and Sandy Hook, at Taki's, "Gunsville, USA":
Maybe those who claim they’re earnestly seeking an answer to Friday’s bloodbath should focus less on Gunsville and more on Pillsville. But right on the heels of their howling about NO GUNS came cries for MORE PSYCHIATRY. I don’t expect these remnants of 1960s ethics to ever blame drugs for anything. But what puzzles me is their newfound blind support of government. How did they turn from being the harshest critics of “The Man” in the 1960s to being his most brainwashed advocates today?

It’s also mildly amusing/disturbing how closely all the nerdy, medicated, spree-killing geeks resemble the progressive pundits who are caterwauling for unilateral disarmament of the citizenry. They look nothing like the fat and hairy—yet unmistakably male—Georgia hilljacks who milled around the gun show in Gainesville. And although I’m supposed to fear those “angry white males,” I felt far less hostility emanating from the convention floor than I do whenever I’m around leftist girly-boys.