Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Greece Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Speaks to European Parliament

At Telegraph UK, "Tspiras demands that Greece 'be given a way out of debt crisis' as Greek PM torn apart by EU":

The Greek PM is up.

He says he has now been given a mandate from his people to "redouble our effforts to get a socially just and economically sustainable solution to the Greek problem without repeating the mistakes of the past, which condemend the Greek economy."

He his government came to power five a half months ago and "I fully assume this responsibility for what has happened in the course of these give and a half months. But if we are being sincere, we must recognise that the basic responsibility for the impasse of the Greek economy...don't just concern the past five and a half months, but five and a half years."


Mr Tsipras says the majority of the Greek people "have no other choice but to "demand that they be given a way out."

"We demand an agreement with our neighbours but one that gives us a sign that we are exiting from the crisis and there is light at the end of the tunnel. An agreement which will bring about credible and neccessary reforms."

Reforms have been more "than ordinary citizens can stand."


Debt relief is not a means to take money off European taxpayers, says Mr Tsipras.

He says the bail-out money never trickled down to the Greek people, but to save European banks. That generates a round of applause from MEP's.


Europe is at "a crucial juncture". Mr Tsipras says his country's crisis is just a manifestation of Europe's inability to solve its debt crisis.

"What we now need is a European solution to a European problem."

And with that, Mr Tsipras's address ends.


Marine Le Pen speaks.

Some odd bed fellows for the Leftist Mr Tsipras. France's Marine Le Pen is next to deliver a rousing defence of his country against euro diktats.

Like Mr Farage, she is advocating an exit from the "steel jaws" of the euro.
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