Friday, July 8, 2016

Did Black Lives Matter Inspire Dallas Attack Suspect Micah Xavier Johnson? (VIDEO)

Actually, the suspect told the police, during standoff negotiations, that he wanted to kill white people, especially white cops. And the suspect was upset by the recent police killings of black men. He "expressed anger for Black Lives Matter," according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown.

Was the suspect a member of Blacks Lives Matter? I don't know. But it's clear that the larger leftist, anti-cop environment fostered by BLM is a contributing factor to the violence, for sure.

In any case, see Robert Stacy McCain, at the Other McCain, "DALLAS SHOOTER MICAH JOHNSON: Did #BlackLivesMatter Inspire Terrorist?":
Critics have accused the Black Lives Matter movement of being a hate group that exploits and incites racial animosity. Fanatical supporters of Black Lives Matter flooded Twitter with anti-police messages after Thursday’s shooting, calling for even more violence against police.

“This is the war that Black Lives Matter asked for,” David Horowitz said Thursday night after the deadly attack in Dallas, later asking: “Do you think we have a domestic terrorist threat from the left?”

The anti-police ideology of “Black Lives Matter has historical roots in the radical Left, investigative journalist Matthew Vadum reports...
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My own opinion is that this is entirely on the left. I agree with David Horowitz that the left has its race war. And as I've said repeatedly, it's likely to get worse before it gets better. Frankly, years ago I compared the contemporary American radical left to the Baader-Meinhof Group from the 1970s. Bob Schieffer was on CBS This Morning today, and he asked the $64,000 question: Was the Dallas suspect part of a larger organized movement? He may not have been, but I suspect that we're likely to see an escalation of deliberate, organized violence to match the vicious calculation and brutality seen in Dallas last night. Indeed, as I've noted, before I went out last night to the Dodger game, I predicted some kind of urban unrest coming out of Black Lives Matter and this week's events. It was worse than I expected, but today I'm confident that it's the tip of the iceberg.

In any case, here's Schieffer from earlier today: