Monday, July 25, 2016

Donald Trump Gets Polling Bounce After Republican National Convention (VIDEO)

Actually, it's a pretty solid bounce.

A number of organizations are reporting a Trump bounce after Cleveland.

This is ephemeral, of course, because the Democrats are likely to get a bounce as well following Philadelphia, but it shows that voters are responding to the GOP ticket, despite what the MSM hacks would have you believe.

Here's the Los Angeles Times, for one, "Trump takes lead over Clinton as GOP convention generates a bounce for its nominee."

And at CNN, "Trump bounces into the lead." He's got a six-point lead in the CNN poll.

Also at Morning Consult, "Trump Surges Past Clinton With Post-Convention Bump."

The one possibility here is that the DNC hacking scandal ends up being more damaging than many would believe, and the Democrats fail to get a significant bounce coming out of their convention.

I doubt that though. Frankly, I expect Hillary Clinton to give a rousing speech on Thursday night, and Bernie's speech tonight will make the case for Democrat unity despite being slammed in the horrible DNC emails. He'll argue that Hillary's better than Trump.

So, we'll see. We'll see.

And watch, at Morning Joe: